An Erieite Appetite: Andy’s Pub

Andy's Pub offers great food as well as entertainment.Andy’s Pub offers great food as well as entertainment.

Price: Moderately Inexpensive

Quality: 4 out of 5

If you want a casual dining experience where you can “break” with your friends, Andy’s Pub is the place for students who have a soft spot for pool and billiards.

Located at 3866 Peach Street, Andy’s Pub is not only a full-service bar and restaurant, but also a sports and entertainment center filled with 24 pool and billiard tables and 30 flat-screen televisions.

My friend and I traveled to Andy’s Pub on a Monday evening around 6:30 p.m. A 5-minute drive from Mercyhurst College, Andy’s Pub is open from 11 a.m. until 2 a.m. Monday through Sunday.

After passing through the billiard and pool room, we discovered the dining area where we sat ourselves at a table. A server spotted us and immediately brought us menus.

After ordering two waters, we looked through the menu and discovered zucchini and hot pretzel appetizers, gyro salads, burgers, sandwiches, melts, sirloin steak dinner entrees, desserts and even Papa John’s pizza.

Customers can treat themselves to Papa John’s pizza and wings because the pizza chain is located in the same complex as Andy’s Pub.

Deciding I was in the mood for a sandwich, I chose the Veggie Pita: grilled onions, tomatoes, low-fat cheese, chipotle mayonnaise and various grains and spices rolled in a pita. Since each sandwich comes with a side, I chose sweet potato French fries. Sharing a similar craving, my friend also chose the Veggie Pita and steak fries. Shortly after our server delivered our waters, she took our order.

My friend caught me up on the latest news going on her life as I observed my surroundings. Near the bar, men and women still dressed in work attire socialized over drinks. A woman walked passed our table carrying a basket filled with popcorn from an old-fashioned popcorn machine. Andy’s Pub seemed like a place to meet and enjoy the company of friends and co-workers.

It took approximately 15 minutes before our food arrived. The pita was warm and filled with fresh tomatoes and lettuce. Tiny squares of grilled cheese rolled in the spices, and grains were filling and tasty. The chipotle mayonnaise sauce complimented the pita perfectly because it had just the right amount of spice and kick to jump-start my taste buds. Additionally, the waffle-shaped sweet potato fries were made to my liking because they were sweet and not greasy or heavy, like typical french fries.

Priced just over nine dollars, my Veggie Pita and sweet potato fries silenced my hunger pains and convinced me to return to Andy’s Pub again.