'Drunk bus' driving back to Mercyhurst

Thanks to a weekend of generally polite, responsible behavior, students will once again have access to the EMTA shuttle Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

“Our last weekend we had students behaving responsibly and articulating their appreciation for the service,” Darcy Kemp, director of Student Engagement and Leadership Development, said.

According to Kemp, some students even gave the driver thank you cards.

Most students on campus wanted the drunk bus reinstated, whether for personal use or simply to prevent drunk driving.

Grad student Sean Williams said, “Honestly, college students aren’t going to take a cab. If you don’t provide them with something, they’re going to drive drunk.”

Access to the “drunk bus,” as it’s known locally, will resume Thursday, April 29, but Mercyhurst Student Government (MSG) and Student Life will stop the shuttle if students cause problems again.

“We will continue to monitor behavior and review tapes. If behavior reverts, the bus will be taken away SpringFest weekend,” Kemp said.