Political beliefs remain strong

Last Saturday, our country remembered and mourned the loss of 3,000 countrymen and women. No one among us cannot remember where they were, who they were with, and what they felt that day.

However, with nine years separating us from the tragedy of Sept. 11, we have become separated. Two presidential elections, two wars, and new political power players have set up boundaries between what makes each American like another – some on purpose, some by accident.

There are the political labels that are often thrown around, but who looks into the actual meanings of these labels?

‘Conservative’ and ‘liberal’ mean different things for everyone that hears them.

If you have read the Merciad for the last couple years, you likely know that I am considered the conservative writer. However, with all the different facets and degrees of political leaning, it makes little sense for me to uphold every conservative ideal.

I believe in America – we are the land of the free, home of the brave, we strive to provide an equal opportunity to all of our countrymen and women, and we, as a country, keep working to improve the quality of life for ourselves as well as the world’s population.

These are not simply ideals to me, but goals that are attainable and real. The words that became the basis for our society and our government are part of the soul of our country, and they should not be twisted for the benefit of any single group.

Instead, they should allow for progress when an individual or group wishes to progress. Equality is equality for all, no more or less for the wealthy, poor, or middle class, and the protection of the Constitution is for all Americans.

I have supported the invasion of both Afghanistan and Iraq, and I still do. I believe that any man or woman who wishes to enlist in the military to protect our country should be able to, should they be physically and mentally capable.

I think bailouts for corporations and banks are bad ideas no matter which president implements them, and they do not help us.

I know that religious freedom and free speech are both guaranteed by the First Amendment, and a Burlington Coat Factory can be renovated into a chapel, Temple, Mosque or Cultural Center. I know just as firmly that the right to keep and bear arms is guaranteed by the Second Amendment, for law-abiding citizens, of course.

I have an American flag in my bedroom, and I wake up every morning knowing that we can improve as a country. Feel free to disagree, and I welcome all debate – there are too many places where that would not be allowed.

Welcome to, or back to, Mercyhurst College. My name is Devin Ruic, and I have my own political beliefs. You should too.