Video game review: The Curfew

Rating: 4 out of 5

Pros: Free, graphics are amazing, storyline is very good and gets point across.

Cons: Not very exciting if you are more into action games instead of mind games.

The year is 2027. Ever since a nuke was found to be planted by terrorists under the city of London, the “Shepherd Party” has been in control and preaching its ideals of “security over freedom.” This is the theme of this weeks featured game, The Curfew.

You are someone who is trying to restore freedom to its rightful place. You have on your person information that, should it be given to the right people, would destroy the Shepherd Party. Who can you trust to give this info to?

The Curfew is a free game with the overall message of freedom, created from the minds of Littleloud games. The game can be found at

It is a so-called “serious game” in the form of a point-and-click adventure. As a freedom fighter, you have information that could take down the corrupt government currently in place.

Eventually you find yourself in a “safe house”, a place where people can spend the night should they be unable to get home in time for curfew. Four other people are there and you must learn about each by asking questions and listening as each tells their personal story. Then you must give the info you’re holding to the person you trust most, and hope they are not a government informer.

In the game you click around the screen to look at objects and on people to talk to them. As far as game play goes this is about as interesting as it gets.

However, the part of this game that really draws a person in is the story and the graphics.

The story gets its point across in a way where you are not bored to death with it, and the graphics give a very interesting depiction of how the technology of 2027 should look. Overall the quality is great for a free online game.

If action and excitement is your thing, then this is not the game for you. However, if you like games that require mystery solving, this is your kind of game.

The Curfew may not be the most exciting game, but the story and major point make it worth trying. For a free game its graphics are truly something to marvel at.