Enrollment increases despite economic recession

Despite the struggling U.S. economy, enrollment at Mercyhurst College has not suffered, but has grown.

In fact, for the second time in college history, enrollment exceeds 800 new traditional undergraduate students for the 2009-10 academic year.

The new students include 681 students in the freshman class of 2013.

This year’s freshmen come from 30 different states and 15 foreign countries.

The freshman class combined with the 124 new transfer students brings the total of new traditional undergraduate students to 805.

Fifty-one of the total transfer students are transferring from Mercyhurst North East, Mercyhurst West campus and Mercyhurst Corry campus.

Vice President of Enrollment Dr. Michael Lyden explained how the college was able to increase enrollment during this difficult economic period.

“First of all, our admissions staff under director Chris Coons did a remarkable job, and our new residence hall was a big draw,” Lyden said. “But, most of all, encouraged by our president, Dr. Gamble, and our provost, Dr. James Adovasio, our faculty and coaches provided tremendous support for the recruiting effort, reaching out to prospective students and introducing them to the college from their various perspectives. It was truly a college-wide undertaking.”

Enrollment is not only high for traditional students, but for adult and graduate students as well. This year, Mercyhurst has 136 new adult undergraduates and 137 new graduate students.

Mercyhurst’s main campus reached a new record with 1,078 new students starting the 2009-2010 academic year.
Mercyhrust North East also saw an enrollment increase with 525 freshmen.