Video game review: The Day

Pros: Simple, free.

Cons: Short and too simple.

Two of five stars

The Day is a very short game that has left me thinking “What the heck just happened?” It was developed by Gregory Weir and is sponsored by Armor Games. To play, the link is: Armor Games

The Day is very straightforward. It is your character’s birthday and all the kids have decided that they are going to celebrate your birthday by having a card tournament. In the tournament, you play against them all in a card game and try to win their cards.

Now there are two paths you can take: You can either play with the children, or you can do exactly what you are warned against by your parents and go into the woods.

The pros and cons to this game are few. The game is simple whichever way you choose. The only real controls in the game are the directional keys and the X key. This is how you interact with everything in the world.

However, to me this game is disappointing. While playing I find myself waiting for a huge change to happen. The game left plenty of hints that there was more going on and, yet having played both endings, I never saw that great moment of sheer amazement or revelation. The most I felt was disappointment and confusion. Really, the first two questions that came to my mind as soon as the game finished were “OK, so now what? That’s it?”

Overall, it’s a simple game and free but beyond that I have no idea what is going on. That is why I only give this game two out of five stars.