Musical deserves large audience

Regardless of the results of the midterm election yesterday, I am focusing on a topic closer to home here at Mercyhurst: this week’s production of “The Secret Garden.”

For more than a month, nearly 30 Mercyhurst students, ranging from freshmen to seniors, have sacrificed their time to learn music and dialogue in an attempt to entertain the student body and the rest of the Mercyhurst College community.

I have been in several productions here on campus, starting my freshman year with the musical “Seussical.” I followed that quickly with “A Streetcar Named Desire,” directed by David Matthews.

Since then, I have also been in “Our Town,” “Sweeney Todd” and now “The Secret Garden.” Each time, the turnout from friends and family of the cast has been wonderful and encouraging.

The one show I did not participate in, “Sweet Charity,” was just as amazing.

Starting tomorrow night, you will be able to join the cast of “The Secret Garden” in early twentieth-century England and wander the haunted halls of Misselthwaite Manor and its gardens.

As always, everyone is encouraged to attend the musical.

Particularly, I would like to invite the administration of Mercyhurst College to attend, in the same way as they have graciously attended the exciting football games this year.

Even with reserved box seats for every event in the Performing Arts Center, it seems as though many in the administration have been too busy during the past four years to attend a single performance.

Tomorrow night’s performance will be in Taylor Little Theatre, and the work put into this production deserves the recognition of Mercyhurst College.

Consider this an imploring invitation, and let every reader realize that I sent physical, personal invitations as well.

I look forward to seeing members from every demographic of the Mercyhurst College community come and enjoy the beautiful production of “The Secret Garden” more than a month in the making.

I have been waiting four years to entertain Doctors Thomas Gamble and Gerry Tobin – hopefully this time I will get the opportunity to do so.