Video game review: Apokalyx

Three of five stars

Pros: It’s something different, has good graphics.

Cons: Repetitive, glitchy, has little to no story.

In Apokalyx, it’s been 600 years since the apocalypse and humanity is now rebuilding. Humanity has divided itself into three different races: mutants, stark ones and wildcats.

The mutants are those who got the bulk of the nuclear fallout but survived and became stronger for it.

The stark ones are the direct descendants of those who lived in the cities when the apocalypse came. When it came they went underground only to emerge as one of the leading powers of this desolate world and then begin to rebuild civilization.

The wildcats were those who lived outside the cities, and when the apocalypse occurred, they returned to their roots and became tribesmen.

In this game, the player is a warrior. You can buy and own property like everyone else. There is not a lot of background provided about your personal character so you really have no idea why the character is doing what he is doing and where he is.

The game carries a few positives. Though the graphics are not extremely good, considering this is a very low budget for a free Internet game, I am very impressed with the 3D graphics.

Most games like this are only 2D, so it is very impressive the developers chose to animate in 3D. This game also is very different from most games I’ve seen because it is an adventure role-playing game. These are rare to find on the Internet, and even more rare to find ones done well.

However, despite its great graphics and potential for being something different from the norm, there are some major problems with it that really disappointed me.

First, it is very repetitive. You fight some bad guys, you take their stuff, you go to the trader and then level up. That’s the whole game––kind of disappointing.

Another thing is that you get the idea that there is something bigger going on in the story, but it only hints at it and that is all. It’s a little anti-climatic.

The biggest issue here for me is the game is very glitchy. So much so that half of the things you are supposed to be able to do, don’t happen and often cause the game to freeze.

This game is alright, but I am truly not very impressed with it despite its great potential. The glitchy nature of the whole thing is what really brings it down in my book.