Senior class gift: anchor, charging station or bench?


Jade Gelsimino

Meaghan Hubert, Sam Beckas, Kaleigh Ruggiero and Park Bogan make up the senior class gift committee leadership team.

Erin McGarrity, Staff writer

Mercyhurst’s Class of 2016 is currently in the process of brainstorming senior class gift ideas, the final three of which committee members will present on Nov. 17.
Student committee members and chairs have been meeting on a weekly basis since the beginning of the school year to share their thoughts on potential gifts. Initially, the committee sent each senior a survey to get a general idea of what students wanted as the final gift. From there, the committee narrowed down the list, first to the top five ideas, and then to the top three.
The committee is considering an electronics charging station, a decorative anchor, and a bench as possible senior gifts to leave for future students.
If chosen, the charging station would be located in the library, and students would be able to secure their electronic devices in it while they study.
The bench would be placed somewhere on campus, and it would accompany a statue of the mascot, Luke the Laker, or another main figure of Mercyhurst.
The idea of the anchor would implement a new Mercyhurst tradition, according to Meaghan Hubert, a member of the senior class and one of the students on the Senior Class Gift Committee Leadership Team.
“It would sit atop stones or bricks in Garvey Park. Top contributors could get their names engraved in one of the stones and this could be used as a symbol of good luck, as well as a new picture spot for current and past students,” Hubert said.
Between now and Nov. 17, the committee members will draft a proposal for each gift idea, and the students will present them to President Michael Victor and his committee. Shortly thereafter, the committee will make a final decision.
Seniors will host various fundraising events all year in order to raise money for the senior class gift. In celebration of Halloween, any student can purchase a Halloween ‘No Tricks, Just Treats’ goodie bag for a gifr of $5 online at  During graduation weekend, the committee will present a check to President Victor, who will fund the selected project.
Hubert cites diversity and collaboration as the keys to deciding on the perfect senior gift.
“All members of the senior class are welcome to be on the committee by coming to our weekly meetings. We hope to have the support of the entire class in this great tradition,” said Hubert. “We have come up with a mix of ideas that would bring new traditions to the university, as well as ideas that are useful for the students.”
The presentation of the senior class gift is a longstanding Mercyhurst tradition of which Hubert is proud to be a part.
“I think it’s important to be able to come back to the school in the future as alumni and be proud of the gift that we left, as well as to admire all the gifts from different classes,” said Hubert. “I want to be able to give back to the school that has given so much to me.”