Erieite Appetite: The Golden Wok

This past Sunday, I went to The Golden Wok, 3202 Pittsburgh Avenue, which serves Chinese food.

This is not your typical Chinese buffet restaurant. In fact, there is no buffet in the place. The Golden Wok offers a nice variety of Chinese dishes at an affordable price.

Although approximately 20 minutes from campus, The Golden Wok is worth the drive if you want genuine Chinese food that has not been Americanized like most of the buffets.

I went there for lunch with my mom, and for two meals, two egg rolls, a Pepsi and a pot of tea, the cost was only $15.
Alaina Rydzewski photo: The Mongolian Shrimp is one of many affordable options.Alaina Rydzewski photo: The Mongolian Shrimp is one of many affordable options.
I chose the Mongolian Shrimp, which was served with your choice of rice and soup. Rice choices were white, fried or organic brown, and soup choices were won ton, egg drop or hot and sour.

I was surprised to see that organic brown rice was one of the options. So people trying to eat healthy can do so.

The Mongolian Shrimp was advertised as a spicy food, but was not too spicy, and the shrimp came with green beans, onions and mushrooms stir-fried.

The Golden Wok is a refreshing alternative from buffet style Chinese fare, and the food was flavorsome.

The wait for the food was not long and everything was prompt.

Dinner prices, as well as lunch prices, are reasonable, especially for students who want a nice meal at an affordable price. If you can find the transportation, The Golden Wok is worth the drive.