Reception honors students on Dean’s List


Melanie Todd, Staff writer

On Nov. 10, Mercyhurst held a reception to honor students earning a spot on the Dean’s List. This year, Mercyhurst awarded 552 students. Students must have full-time status in order to receive this academic achievement.

“A minimum of 12 graded credits each semester and a 3.6 or higher GPA is required,” David Dausey, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, said.

The 552 students is slightly above the average of about 500 students. Out of 2,500 students each year, about one-fifth of them are able to reach this academic measure.

“Mercyhurst is a university focused on academic excellence through teaching and learning. Our students are the ultimate product of that endeavor,” Dausey said.

It takes a considerable amount of hard work and many students make sacrifices , whether it is social events, sporting activities or sleep in order to maintain a 3.6 or higher GPA.
“The students who make the Dean’s List represent the best that we have to offer. We are proud of all of them and their incredible hard work,” Dausey said.

Though the recognition is a small token compared to the hard work the students devoted to earn placement on the Dean’s List, the university considers it important to honor the students with a reception.

“The Dean’s List reception is a tradition that started at Mercyhurst decades ago. It has been championed by our academic leadership because of its importance to the institution and to the students who represent the company of scholars at Mercyhurst,” Dausey said.

While the reception and certificate are nice rewards to the students, there are tremendous other benefits to the achievement.

“Being on the Dean’s List is a strong sign for any student applying to graduate school or applying for a job after graduation. It signifies discipline, dedication and tenacity,” Dausey said.

Not making the Dean’s List this year should never discourage students. Students could use it as motivation for the upcoming semesters. Everyone has to find their strengths and weaknesses in learning and studying. Ask questions whether it is of other students or faculty. Mercyhurst offers resources such as the tutoring center for students seeking improvement with their grades.
“Don’t give up. We believe in all our students and are always championing their success,” Dausey said.