New scheduling system to debut for fall registration

Melanie Todd

Webadvisor will no longer be the scheduling platform for Mercyhurst students. My Student Planning will now help students to schedule classes and plan their time at Mercyhurst.

“The layout is more user friendly and visually appealing, especially on your phone,” Marina Frato, junior Chemistry and Intel double major, said. Frato was one of the students that tested out the new system before it was released.

Currently, Mercyhurst’s app allows for some access to grades and scheduling. This new system will allow for complete access to scheduling tools from a smartphone.

“It’s a nicer format than Webadvisor. If you’re a double major, it lets you switch windows to show both of your majors easily. There’s a progress bar to show what you have compared to the university requirements,” Frato said.

The format is designed to help students stay on track with their classes and the requirements for the university and their major(s).

“You can also do a ‘what if’ scenario if you were to switch majors to see where you’d stand and what classes you would have to take,” Frato said.

The system has an updated list of the university’s majors and the specific courses required by each major to help a prospective student of that major assess how the program will work for them.

“You can plan out your entire time at Mercyhurst. It shows you when classes are typically offered so you can plan classes that are typically only offered one semester or once every two years or so. You can plan it out and then when the times are available it will pop up with the sections offered,” Frato said.

This will greatly assist students so that they do not miss a class that is required for their major. Additionally, it will help guide students as to when they are supposed to be taking certain classes early on so that nothing is overlooked during the stressfulness of scheduling.

“Another nice feature is you can view your unofficial student transcript through this system,” Frato said.

For students applying to internships and even certain jobs, an electronic transcript is necessary. The new system will give students easy access to this information.

“You can also contact all of your advisers at once using the program. When you want to send your classes for them to review, you just click “send review” instead of having to write it down on those little white papers,” Frato said.

Scheduling should become less hectic at Mercyhurst and more environmentally friendly. The course catalog and the scheduling review will all be accessible online. It will also be more convenient for advisors who can now review and approve course selections more efficiently online.