Construction frustrations

Paul Cohen, Contributing writer

With the intense construction around the Briggs Apartments and Lewis Townhouses, the students have a lot to say about it.

It is true that construction does cause some inconvenience, but it will hopefully benefit the students.

Even though many had a positive view towards the construction, others do not enjoy it.

“I hate how it wakes me up every day at 6:30,” said Meghan Maker, a junior Communication major. “But I understand that they have to get to work.”

While those living close to construction have some understandable frustration with the early times of construction, other students are excited about the future that the building brings.

“I think it’s looking to the future of the campus and meeting the needs of future students,” Jonah Jackson, a senior Political Science major, said.

Some students are annoyed by the mess it leaves behind.

Garrett Owens, a sophomore, said, “They should take some sort of firehose or any machine to lightly spray water over the ground to prevent the dust from coming into the air and settling over everyone’s cars.”