Gallery features sophomore works


Jillian Marcellin, Staff writer

Eighteen students have been gathering up some of their best work to be reviewed by a committee of Art department faculty and viewed by the campus for the Sophomore Review show.
Each sophomore is presenting eight to 10 examples from their portfolio in the show.
These students have hung their work in the Cummings Art Gallery in whatever arrangement that demonstrates their ability to organize a presentation.
The show opened in the gallery on Feb. 11, so the public can view their displays.
The sophomore art students filled the gallery with their art over the weekend for us to see a variety of pottery, sculptures, photos, paintings and posters.
As one walks through the Cummings Gallery there is a sort of amazement by the interesting creations that are hung.
One sculpture, created by Graphic Design student Claire Orr, of a giant jellyfish dangling from the ceiling is very eye-catching.
The jellyfish sculpture uses beautiful highlights and shadows to create a comprehensive and organic design.
Another sculpture of sea life in the gallery took a different take on a similar idea. The giant sea horse, created by Taylor Wiegand, uses a variety of color and texture.
It was mesmerizing to figure out the vast materials used.
The students have a variety of creations in the show.
Demi Eadie, an Art Therapy student, exhibited an attractive use of line and color to make visual interest.
Her pieces used muted tones that seemed to represent a minimalistic flair to balance the complexity of the lines.
Some other interesting exhibits were the typographic self-portraits.
The graphics students who displayed these portraits were still able to show their individuality through the words that they choose to represent them.
The portraits were incredibly detailed.
Some of the typed portraits had a slight flare of hidden color to add to it.
Each piece in the show has a unique quality to it that clearly represents each student.
Overall, the art majors that are participating in the show created an interesting and beautiful display.
These 18 students gathered their best works to represent their programs, and the examples in the show were very attractive.
The growth that these students have made while at Mercyhurst University was very impressive.
The show is open at the Cummings Art Gallery in the PAC.