‘Love’d this performance

Carlena Bressanelli, Staff writer

If you missed Darlene Love’s performance last Saturday, you really missed a show.
Her name might not ring a bell right away, but that is because for much of her life she worked anonymously in studios and on the stage as a backup singer for other acts.
Love has even been called “the most successful unknown singer in rock ’n’ roll history.”
She had a long career in the Blossoms, an established vocal group, and she had a short solo career as well.
Her work with a group of in-demand background singers meant she was too busy for her solo career to last, but eventually she did resume her solo career in 1981. Love has no regrets about her session work and working behind the scenes of other artists because she never pushed to be a star.
Her performance on Feb. 16 was amazing. Her voice took the house down.
Her presence on stage was upbeat, bright and welcoming.
She looked amazing throughout the entire night.
Her band had a lot of musicians in it but they all complemented her songs and her voice well.
For some of her songs, her voice was very powerful and strong, but she could also make it gentle.
In the beginning of her performance, there was a video showing different clips of her singing from different years.
She sang some songs she used to sing backup for but also sang her own songs.
There was even a time during the show where she took the time to say thank you to the veterans in the audience and the ushers working the show.
She gave them each a rose.
She also took the time to recognize couples that were married, newlyweds or over 45 years and more, etc.
The biggest anniversary in the audience was 63 years, and she gave them a free CD.
When she took breaks offstage, her background singers took to the stage with some solos and they were great entertainment.
Love sang “Zip -A -Dee- Doo- Dah,” “He’s a Rebel,” “(Today I Met) The Boy I’m Gonna Marry” and several songs from her 2015 album, “Introducing Darlene Love.”
She sang other songs as well.
Toward the end of her performance, she had the audience up on their feet, dancing away and having a great time.