'In a Better World' explores revenge and forgiveness

This week, the Guelcher Film Series features “In a Better World,” a recipient of both an Academy Award and Golden Globe Award.

In a compelling plot, the film explores the complexity of revenge and forgiveness through the story of Anton, a doctor faced with the difficulties of living in two worlds: his home in an idyllic town in Denmark and his work at an African refugee camp.

Anton and his wife Marianne are separated and contemplating the possibility of a divorce, a notion that greatly affects their two young sons. Further, their ten-year-old son Elias constantly endures being bullied at his school.

Elias’ bullying problems seem to end with the emergence of Christian, a boy who has moved from London with his father. Christian’s mother has recently died due to cancer, a life event that has profoundly troubled him.

After Christian defends Elias by assaulting and threatening his bully, they quickly commence to forge a bond that is strengthened and tested as the film develops.

Their friendship as well as their lives are exposed to imminent peril when Christian involves Elias in an act of retribution that brings upon tragic consequences. Ultimately, they turn to their parents to understand and deal with the intricacy of human emotions they are experiencing.

“In a Better World” is the successful endeavor of Danish filmmaker Susanne Bier and Danish screenwriter Anders Thomas Jensen.

The acclaimed film is brought to life by a dynamic cast. Swedish actor Mikael Persbrandt appears as Anton, Swedish actress Trine Dyrholm portrays Mariann, while Markus Rygaard and William Johnk Juels Nielsen play the role of Elias and Christian, respectively.

In what Los Angeles Times acclaims to be a “magnificent, exceptional and richly humanistic” film, “In a Better World” comprises a provocative and ingeniously constructed drama.

The film will be shown on Wednesday, Oct. 19, in the PAC at 2:15 and 7:15 p.m.

Tickets are free for Mercyhurst students with an ID.