Problems with Mercyhurst self service

Ashley Barletta, News Editor

I am back with another angry rant. This time, it is about our classes not being up until less than one week before advising day.It was roughly 9:30 p.m. on Oct. 12 when one of my roommates told me that classes were up. This left me, as well as every other Mercyhurst student, less than one week to figure out our schedules for next semester.In my case, I was very, very, lucky to have had all of the classes I wanted to take added to my plan, so all I had to do was look up which ones were being offered next semester and what time they would be.

I found myself to be even luckier when none of the classes I wanted conflicted with each other. But, I am just one situation within the system, and I cannot assume that it was this easy for all of the Mercyhurst students who are already super busy with classes. At this time, midterms were still being taken, which adds to students high stress levels.

Another issue with Self-Service is that it was not loading very quickly or efficiently. This usually happens on my laptop so I am used to it, but apparently it was happening to everyone this time around. Not only was Self-Service slow, but it would not load any sample course plans, which many students use to help plan their next semester.

Now, I understand that it was Fall Break, but a lot of students use that time to catch up on readings, assignments and most importantly, sleep. Because of this, there was not really a break, but rather us just doing our school work off-campus. I also understand that the faculty and staff of this school are busy as well. However, students are not allowed to use the excuse that we were busy for not doing whatever assignment we have due by next class, so faculty should not be making this excuse either. Thank you to those of the faculty who did have their classes planned out before this. Do not doubt our appreciation for you; we are only asking that you work with us a little more than you have been.

Nobody is perfect, and that includes students, faculty and staff. Despite this, our school runs on a set schedule that does not stop for anything. I hope the advisors did not expect everyone’s schedules to be completely planned out before advising day, and I hope they were not too disappointed by anyone who did not have a completed schedule ready in less than one week. Additionally, Honors classes went up even later than the rest of the classes for some reason and that makes it extra hard for kids in the Honors program to plan ahead. If you have made it this far, thanks for tuning in! Do not forget that if you are a student with an opinion, the Merciad is always accepting new writers!