November Open House is approaching

Nadine Fox, Staff writer

It’s that time of the year, Mercyhurst University will be hosting its annual Fall Open House this month. This open house will be hosted on Nov. 13 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Open houses are a great opportunity for many prospective high school students and their families to learn more about Mercyhurst University.

Presentations will be given from the vice president of Academic Affairs, Joanne McGurk, Ph.D, and the director of Undergraduate Admissions, Christian Beyer. The presentations will be on the history of Mercyhurst, the application process and financial aid.

The Fall Open House will not only give potential students the chance to meet their classmates, but will also be a good opportunity to get to know a bunch of the faculty and staff from across departments at the Academic Department Fair.

It is also where students will get to learn more about academic opportunities in the fields that they are interested in studying. This will also give students the chance to ask questions about the program.

On top of that, the new students and their families will be able to take a campus tour with one of the Mercyhurst Student Ambassadors in order to get a better understanding of whether or not they would enjoy the campus environment.

The students will be able to get a walk-through of what a day in the life of a Laker is like. Talking to current students is a great way to find out what goes on around campus and what it is like to live on campus.

The new students will also be receiving tickets for the Grotto Commons Dining Hall for lunch to get a taste of Parkhurst’s cuisine.

All they have to do is simply register online by filling out a form.

The link will ask basic questions, such as what the student’s name is, what they are interested in, what type of degree they are looking to complete, when they are planning on arriving, how many guests they are bringing and what high school they attended.

As a special thank you for coming and spending the day learning about Mercyhurst, the school also provides free shirts for visiting our campus.

One important note is that unfortunately, due to NCAA regulations, the Admissions Department is currently unable to arrange a direct contact meeting with team coaches. So, any new students looking to participate on a particular team must reach out to that coach directly through the Athletic Directory to set up a meeting.

Overall, this event should be a wonderful opportunity for new prospective students.

“Currently, there are 225 students registered to attend next weekend’s events, but we will continue to take registrations throughout the week,” said Dana Irwin, assistant director of Undergraduate Admissions.

Be on the lookout to welcome some new faces around campus within the coming week!