The Booker T. Washington Center continues to be a crucial asset

Hannah Brooks , Staff writer

The Booker T. Washington Center (BTW), located at 1720 Holland Street, is a branch of Mercyhurst University. This branch of Mercyhurst provides opportunities for students to return to school at affordable prices. It has been in collaboration with Mercyhurst for quite some time and continues to be a strong asset for the university’s academics.

The BTW offers services to a variety of individuals; including high school students, dislocated workers and adults simply looking for a career change. Students can take advantage of a variety of degree and certificate programs or get started on their four-year degrees.

The BTW, much like Mercy-hurst’s main campus, offers services to its students such as educational, physical and emotional wellness services. Students who attend the BTW campus have access to amenities provided at Mercyhurst’s main campus, such as academic support and career services.

The campus is conveniently located near downtown Erie, saving students from the hassle of commuting to classes. The academic programs offered at the BTW center include a Business Administration (Management) Associate Degree, a Criminal Justice Associate Degree and a Liberal Arts Associate Degree. Students are also able to begin classes at the BTW center before transferring to Mercyhurst’s main campus, though the time spent at the Center varies by student.

The BTW is very helpful to students who have jobs and families, helping each individual student to determine the best possible plan for academic success. The Booker T. Washington Center is a great opportunity for students also working or raising a family, which are very difficult and time-intensive activities. It can also be very helpful for individuals who took a break from school after graduating high school as the transition back into schoolwork can be stressful at times, especially when paired with other factors.

The tuition rates are also cheaper than the main campus’ rates. The 2021- 2022 rates are $1665 per three-credit course and an $85 registration fee per term. The costs are lower but students are also able to get out-of-pocket costs greatly reduced through financial aid. Some grants are also available to students, such as the Booker T. Washington grant which saves students up to $200 per course.

“The center offers evening classes with the intention of catering to nontraditional and adult students. In addition to providing evening classes, the BTW Center offers small, intimate classroom settings,” said Kaitlyn Dolak, Director of Programming at the Booker T. Washington Center.

She also adds that it is a privilege to be able to serve the community at the level of importance that they do, and they hope to become more visible and raise more awareness about the services that they provide for Erie residents.“It is a true asset to the City of Erie and is home to many great and necessary programs at a familiar setting in the community, providing a welcoming space to Erie City residents who are returning to school,” said Dolak.

To learn more about the Booker T. Washington Center and what they offer, you can visit the tab on the Mercyhurst University web page: or contact Katlyn Dolak at