Hoping for sunshine this break

Megan McKay, Staff writer

Spring Break is just around the corner, which means the much dreaded bipolar winter months in Erie are almost at a close. Spring Break not only signals the end of a season, but it also means the school year is reaching its final stretch.

The week students receive off for Spring Break is the most anticipated time of the year. Many students will travel back home, some will stay on campus training for their prospective sports and the fortunate ones will find their way somewhere warm.

This spring I look forward to hopefully winning a conference championship with the women’s hockey team which will earn us a bid to the NCAA tournament.

Therefore, we will not have a spring break, but there is nowhere I would rather be than continuing to play hockey with my teammates and earning a ring at the end of it all.

When the season does end however, I hope to make my way down to Florida to get some much needed Vitamin D in the sunshine.

After spending almost six months skating in a rink everyday your body can use the sun that it has not seen for awhile.

The break is a great time to get some rest and rejuvenation.

It is imperative that most schools give a week or so off because it gives students the break they need in order to come back and finish their last term strong.

Erie has clearly had crazy winters and this year we have been fortunate with the limited amount of consistent heavy snowfalls.

Spring time is also the best time for athletes starting up outdoor sports as they will finally get to play in comfortable weather.

Also, students looking for just a nice day to walk around will now have that option as the sun begins to warm up the days and stay out longer.

Not only does the weather make the time of year, but it also boosts the mood around campus. There will no longer be any dreary Erie cold and cloudy days, but rather sunshine to smile about.

However, rain will certainly continue to be a factor but after a long week off for break students and faculty will certainly be ready to end the year on a high note.

It will have been almost two months since Christmas Break which means many are anxious to visit family and take a week off from the books.

After going seven weeks without a single day off besides weekends, students need a break from the intensity that school brings.

Not only am I looking forward to conference playoffs and eventually the sun but also having more time to spend out and about.

It will be nice to really take in campus in the warm air and walk around without layers and bundling up.

We are also fortunate to live near Lake Erie as the beaches along Presque Isle are a popular spot to soak up the sun and the fresh water.

Spring Break this year starts Monday, March 6 and ends Sunday, March 12 followed by another break only a month after for Easter which starts Wednesday, April 6 to Monday, April 10.

Enjoy your well deserved break everyone!