University name change not more than a status symbol

What’s in a name? Well, it’s a change and addition of a few letters from college to university, but how much more is it than that?

From my understanding, the official switch from college to university for the Mercyhurst community is nothing more than a status symbol, more important to international students than students from the states.

The translation of “college” for international students is the equivalent of “high school” or “prep school” when they graduate from a college instead of a university. In their case, it does carry more weight for job opportunities and other future prospects when they return home with a diploma in hand.

Considering that Mercyhurst is a private, Catholic university, even though our students still receive financial endowments from the state, we aren’t funded by the state as an institution. And it doesn’t necessarily mean then that we will accrue more financial measures.

However, for the faculty it makes grant writing easier and has a positive advantage for them to see dollar signs to fund their research.

One of the most significant revolutions as a university is the expansion of our graduate programs for not only traditional students but for adult students alike.

At some point in the future, the installment of doctoral programs may emerge, and before you know it, Mercyhurst will be the home of Ph.D. candidates.

The name does umbrella all three branches of the Mercyhurst network that stem from the main campus here on the hill, to the associate programs at North East and the graduate studies that are offered.

The name change takes effect immediately, so feel free to change your résumés and your current school on Facebook.

Now that we are a private university, it may be time that our name gain recognition and start to give Harvard and Princeton a run for their money. As for right now, the institution will be marshaled with name changes, sign changes, logo changes, business card changes and thus begins an endless list.

I was hoping for a bookstore sale of Mercyhurst College items, but all things Mercyhurst College will be vintage now, making them collector items.

I personally am indifferent toward the name change. It doesn’t have a positive or negative impact on me, and it seems that it is more of a political standing in the realm of academia than anything else.

But if it carries the weight to further my application across the desks of graduate schools, then here is a hip, hip hooray for Mercyhurst University.