Jenna Marbles entertains through social commentary

It’s the final few weeks before finals week, and I have about a hundred thousand things that I should be doing right now: tests to study for, papers to be writing or editing, projects that need completed.

It’s that time of the term when I drink about six cups of coffee a day just to stay sane. However, if there is one thing that I do when I need to take a few minutes to come out of my academic coma, it is watching Jenna Marbles on YouTube.

Jenna Mourey, more commonly known as Jenna Marbles, is a YouTube comedian and satirical genius.

She may seem slightly flighty at times, or perhaps even overly sexual. She used to be a go-go dancer, or as she put it, she “danced around in her underwear/getting people hyped at clubs for money.” However if you look past that, she is just like any of us here at the wonderful Mercyhurst University (I had to plug in University status somewhere).

Marbles attended Suffolk University for a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Boston University where she received a master’s in Sports Psychology and Counseling.

Jenna Marbles has been entertaining the YouTube community since Feb. 17, 2010, when she uploaded her first video.

Since then, she has been gracing the screen with her thoughts and comedy and has 2,281,808 subscribers and 340,009,351 total video views.

While her videos are not categorized as revolutionary material, they are amusing and extremely relevant. I was introduced to Marbles back in September by my friend, and after that I became hooked to the insane world of Jenna Marbles.

I’m fairly certain I have watched all 53 of her videos at least three times each, hating her for being beautiful, while simultaneously loving her for being quirky, hilarious, smart and having the perfect pinch of perversion in her videos.

I honestly cannot tell you why I turn to Jenna Marbles, but I know that as soon as I feel stressed out, overwhelmed, annoyed, etc., her YouTube channel is on my most frequently visited list on Google Chrome, and therefore she saves my sanity quite often.

She has videos about the things that any individual has the potential to relate to such as personal hygiene, things that guys/girls do in the club, fake individuals and more practical videos, such as the chronicling of her trip to India. In either sense, her stream-of-consciousness outbursts and nonsense put me into a fit of hysterics.

I love Marbles and her videos because of her outspokenness and daring social commentary.

Now, to end my bias toward adoring and worshiping Jenna Marbles blaring through this page, the January/February 2012 issue of Health Magazine even encourages readers to watch a YouTube video during the day as an energy booster.

“A good laugh raises your blood pressure and boosts heart rate, too, which can pump you up when you’re feeling sluggish,” said Robert R. Provine, author of “Laughter: A Scientific Investigation.”

What are you waiting for? Go take a look and decide for yourself whether or not she lives up to the hype that she receives.

New videos are posted on Wednesdays. What have you got to lose, other than a few minutes?