Paving the way to pursue dreams

Walking down Fashion Avenue in New York City, I was awed by the enormous buildings, bright lights and the amount of people rushing to get from point A to point B. My head was spinning as I saw Tiffany & Co. headquarters, Bloomingdale’s, the Today Show, Radio City Music Hall and so many other amazing places I had only heard about but had never seen. The possibilities for a writer in New York are endless and at only 15 years old, I knew it was where I belonged. Manhattan is my dream, but is it too far out of reach?

A friend of mine, who graduated last year, recently moved to NYC to attend graduate school at the Fashion Institute and, within a week, got an amazing internship working for Gucci. When I spoke to her, the excitement was undeniable and she said to me, “See, dreams can come true!”

I thought this statement was an important one to share with not only all seniors, but to the entire school. Through this depressing time in our country, when the numbers are not in our favor, you can still set and make your goal of getting your dream job.

It is true; the economy is failing us. The unemployment rate is continuously increasing. People from every department of every company fear getting laid off and now the competition in the job market is fiercer than in the past. Searching for jobs with every spare minute is doing nothing but increasing anxiety. The questions about the future keep coming and there are not answers to be given.

Although I am not an expert, and only a student, I believe in pursuing your dreams – as clichéd as that sounds. Most of you have been taught the importance of dreams since you were children, but I think it is much easier to be said than done, especially today. In college, hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent to get you qualified in your field. It is my belief that you or your parents do not spend that money for you to settle.

Do whatever it takes, for however long to get where you want to go. That is my plan, as naïve as you may think it sounds.

If your dream is also New York City…I’ll see you there.