Sean Kingston underwhelming for Spring Fest 2012

It is no secret that many students are still bothered over the announcement of Jamaican-American singer Sean Kingston as the musical guest for Mercyhurst’s 2012 Spring Fest.

Every year around this time students wait anxiously to hear who they will be “rocking out” to. This year was no exception. However, the majority of students are underwhelmed.

Entertainment is the sole reason people look forward to this event. Sure, it’s free and a famous person is going to be here amongst us Lakers in Erie, Pa. of all places, but that seems to be beside the point. I personally would have to agree with the fact that Kingston is not the most riveting choice when it comes to musical entertainment.

I don’t mean to be the Negative Nancy, but I think we could have done a little better. I’m not saying that we expected a massive performance by an incredibly popular artist—just someone who was a little more mainstream and not discovered on Myspace.

His songs all sound strangely like broken records and are the type of songs that we hate to get stuck in our heads.

Examples of these songs include “Fire Burning,” “That Ain’t Right” and the all too familiar four minutes of mind-numbing repetition, “Beautiful Girls.”

The number one deal breaker, for me anyways, was his song “Eenie Meenie” with Justin Bieber. It always makes me change the station.

In conversation with some fellow students on campus I found that there is a mixed bag of opinions. On the yay side there is freshman, Caitlin Hackford who says, “We are underestimating him. We shouldn’t be so quick to say that it will be bad. Let’s have higher expectations.”

On the nay side, however, there are people such as music major Luke Allport-Cohoon who say, “I didn’t know who Sean Kingston was until a quick Google search brought up some links. I listened to YouTube videos of a few songs but never got past the first 10 seconds of a single one. Sean Kingston is not appealing.”

I guess we will have to wait until May 4 to see how Kingston performs. Until then I can assure you that you will not find me listening to his music.

We want entertainment, not noise. Therefore, give me Springsteen. Now that would be a Spring Fest.