Relay for Life canceled for spring term

Due to changes in policy there will be no Relay for Life on the Mercyhurst University Main campus during the 2012-2013 school year.

The relay, which is a fundraiser that raises money for cancer research, has been a popular event on campus during spring term for the last three years.

The new policy dictates that there can only be one relay hosted on campus per term.

According to Director of the Campus Involvement Center Sarah Allen, there has been an excessive amount of requests from different clubs and organizations around campus to host relays for a variety of causes.

“All of these requests have an impact on maintenance and grounds crews, police and safety, the conference and event management staff,” said Allen. “Therefore they must be limited.”

It has not yet been decided which organization will be hosting a relay on campus this year, but the Campus Involvement Center has received requests for relays that benefit causes such as, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, The Diabetes Association and Autism Awareness.

Since the relay is unable to be hosted on Mercyhurst’s main campus this year, Chair Jennie Politano and Co-chair Caitlin MacBride of Relay for Life at Mercyhurst, have begun considering alternatives.

“We want to host it at Penn State Behrend,” Politano said. “It’s been suggested that we host it at Mercyhurst North East campus, but considering that it is a half hour away we might lose a majority of our students.”

Allen, however, would prefer to see Relay for Life hosted at Mercyhurst North East, “this year is ‘the year of the University’ it would be great that we show that we are one unified institution, all supporting one another in our efforts.”

She has also responded to concerns that holding the relay on some other campus may be too inconvenient for Mercyhurst students, “after much conversation with Mercyhurst Student Government, they have spoken about providing transportation to the site of the relay so that all students will be able to take part in the event.”

Senior Jeremy Dickey was unhappy to hear Relay won’t be on campus this year.

“It’s disappointing that one of our core values is to be ambassadors of service and we are limiting ways for service on campus,” he said.

He also thinks the change of location will keep him from attending the relay this year.

Sophomore Mikhayla Dolson disagrees with the new policy, but it won’t keep her from attending relay.

“I would [still attend the relay] because I support the cause, but I still think the more relays that are allowed to take place the better and more beneficial it would be,” Dolson said.