Food tips to help students ace tests

You are studying, but not really. You cannot focus. You are hungry. You want to be doing anything but prepping for midterms.

Many students face this problem; they cannot focus and start to procrastinate. Do not worry. There are many foods you can eat to help you focus and get you ready to pass your midterms.

First, always remember to eat breakfast. You should always try to eat healthy and include protein in your breakfast to ensure a good start to the morning. Protein will give you a boost for the rest of the day.

Michelle Tobin, who works in the Mercyhurst Counseling Department said, “Breakfast is essential.”

Tobin gave a list of good examples of healthy additives for any meal.

She said, “I put ground up flaxseed and chia seeds in oatmeal, brownies and tacos. I used to add it to anything and my boys had no idea.”

Chia seeds help you feel more energized and also curb your appetite. This means you will not snack on unhealthy foods that will weigh you down because the chia seed will fill you up.

For a healthy but sweet and salty treat, Tobin gives a recipe for a delicious trail mix.

“I use Spanish peanuts, which are better for you than normal peanuts; pumpkin seeds (without the shells), dried fruit, almonds and dark chocolate M&Ms,” said Tobin, “It’s sweet but good for you.”

If you still want your junk foods, Tobin suggests trying blue chips. They are more nutritionally valuable than regular chips. She also said pizza or tortilla chips with fresh lettuce, cheese and veggies are good.

Some students had suggestions for snacks while studying that are healthy, but sweet as well.

“I like pretzels, because they are easy and go with anything,” junior Kerry Roberts said.

“Bananas and chocolate, that’s my thing,” added junior Ann Donnelly.

For beverages to help you study, Tobin said to drink plenty of water. She also condones drinking coffee and tea because they have antioxidants. Antioxidants refresh the body and keep you healthy. Some of her favorite drinks are kombucho and cranberry juice mixed with limeade.

As for pop lovers, stray away because Tobin said, “That stuff is just bad for you.”

How about having a beer to take the edge off? Most students rely on this specific drink to ease stress and relax.

“Drink a beer as a reward,” said Tobin. “You can have one when you finish studying, but don’t drink too much because it will keep you up.”

Another tip from Tobin is to get a good night sleep. When you sleep, your body processes everything you learned while studying. So if you cram, your brain does not have time to store all that information.

If reading this made you hungry, try going to Wegmans. They have a great health food section or Whole Foods Co-op on West 26th street and Brown Avenue. Hopefully, these healthy food tips will help you when preparing for test time.