Trendy costumes made on a tight budget photo: Do it yourself Nicki Minaji photo: Do it yourself Nicki Minaji costume.

Junior Fashion Merchandising major Isabella Cardina gives tips to students on Halloween costume trends and how to reinvent them on a budget.

Halloween is right around the corner and everyone knows that having the most unique costume is a must.

Dressing up is a chance for everyone to show off his or her creative ideas. Typically, costumes consist of your favorite Hollywood celebrity or movie character. If you haven’t picked a costume yet, consider some of the costumes that are trending for Halloween 2012.

A popular trend for girls this season is to be your favorite celebrity.

Katy Perry, Nicki Minaji and Rihanna wigs are being sold all over the internet and may even be in your local costume store.

To transform into your favorite celebrity all you would need to do is shop from your own closet to make this outfit complete.

Think crazy, outgoing sparkles and anything that attracts attention when dressing as Katy. If you prefer Nicki, search for anything pink, high platform heels and a multicolored wig. To look like Rihanna just get a simple black dress and add some gold jewelry to spice it up.

Another important factor to add to these costumes is crazy, outlandish makeup.

Fake eyelashes are a must. Katy and Nicki wear funky, bright colors and crazy makeup, so consider a bright pink lipstick or using a few different colors of eye shadow. Rihanna sticks to darker, sexy makeup like red or deep purple.

Sticking with the celebrity theme, guys can also dress as their favorite celeb or movie character. Some examples of easy homemade costumes are Indiana Jones, Michael Jackson or your favorite political candidate. photo: Do it yourself Indiana Jones photo: Do it yourself Indiana Jones costume.

To dress like Indiana Jones all you would need is a leather jacket, a fedora hat and some hiking boots.

If you would want to dress like Michael Jackson you would might need to hit the thrift store to find a sparkly or red leather jacket. To top this outfit off wear white gloves and then you are good to go.

For dressing as Mitt Romney or Barack Obama wear a simple suit. You could even spring for a mask, which can be found in your local costume shop or on the internet.

If you are going to a party as a couple there are many ideas to choose from when picking from the celebrity and movie category. You could dress as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, or Ron Burgundy and Veronica Corningstone from Anchorman. For Ron and Veronica all you need to do is dress up in 70’s attire. For Kanye, wear a buttoned down shirt and tight jeans and a tight skirt and heels for Kim.

All these ideas are trendy ways to create your perfect Halloween costume on a budget, because as college students we don’t have the time or money for an expensive costume.

For more ideas on your favorite celebrity just search online for an image of them and find some simple pieces from your own closet or the thrift store to complete your outfit.

Hopefully these tips help you with your Halloween costume this year.