Mercyhurst bookstore listed in collegiate honor roll

The Mercyhurst University Bookstore was named to the 2013 Collegiate Retailer of the Year Honor Roll this year for collegiate retailing excellence.

The bookstore was nominated anonymously by book, supply and clothing vendors it works with, joining 17 other institutions in recognition.

Such vendors go to thousands of university bookstores across the country and judge the presentation of each store and the students who work there.Salina Bowe photo: The bookstore provides students with everything from Laker gear to stationery and textbooks.Salina Bowe photo: The bookstore provides students with everything from Laker gear to stationery and textbooks.

“It’s a big honor to accept the nomination,” Mercyhurst University Bookstore manager Dan Cullen said.

National Association of College Stores (NACS), has been in place for over 30 years and oversaw the award. The association knows how vital bookstores are, and how bookstores can give back and want to recognize that. The Mercyhurst University Bookstore competed with bookstores such as those at California State University, Boise State University, the University of Tennessee and York College.

By keeping it simple, doing its best and maintaining high standards, The Mercyhurst University Bookstore continues to prove its spot on the nomination list.

“We do our best to be smart and know the customer,” Cullen said. “We stick with trends that are good for Mercyhurst.”
Instead of making it about profits, the bookstore makes it about serving the students and the community.

The Mercyhurst University Bookstore being named to the Collegiate Retailer Award Honor Roll benefits not only the bookstore, but also the university itself.

“It says a lot about the hard work Mercyhurst does on campus,” Cullen said.

By working ethically, The Mercyhurst University Bookstore makes a name not just for itself, but for the university as a whole as well.