America's behavior embarrassing: a flawed argument

Last week’s opinion article written by Zach Yost about the Boston Bombings sounds like propaganda straight out of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Mr. Yost claimed that the government, media, and public responses to the Boston Bombings were “by far the most embarrassing and ridiculous spectacles [he] has ever seen.”

Yes, the government made some outrageous statements that I cannot speak for, but the false reports put out by the media and public can be defended.

The public wants news as quickly as possible in situations like the Boston Bombing and the media did their best to deliver.

The “ignorant Americans” that Mr. Yost says were mistaking Chechnya for the Czech Republic are the result of a flawed educational system that was mention in his previous article.

Mr. Yost stated in the April 17 issue of the Merciad that he does not believe in public education and thinks it is “foolish, stupid, and outright criminal.”

Mr. Yost, the reason people were mistaking Chechnya for the Czech Republic is because of people like you that do not support the educational system.

With a lack of support and funds, the educational system cannot hire enough teachers which results in a decrease of learned information, like the difference between Chechnya and the Czech Republic.

Mr. Yost also made statements about the bombers and their ability to put the entire city of Boston on lockdown and calls it “simply unthinkable.”

He must not remember the 19 men that shut down every single airport in the United States on September 11, 2001.

If those 19 men were able to shut down an area spanning 3.8 million mi2 (200,000mi2 per terrorist), then two men shutting down an area spanning 89.4 mi2 (44.7mi2 per terrorist) should be a relatively easy feat.

The thing that disturbed me the most about the article was when Mr. Yost asked, “How many millions of dollars did this cost?”

It disturbs me that this is something he was worried about.

Mr. Yost essentially said the loss of economic activity by shutting down Boston because of a terrorist attack was what the public should be concerned about.

Apparently bringing in more police officers, FBI agents and “gas guzzling trucks” to catch the two men responsible for the murder of 3 people, wounding over 100 others and striking fear into the American public is a bad thing.

Finally, I would like to point out how Mr. Yost claimed that the United States “is not the greatest nation on Earth, but is certainly in the running for being named the most ignorant and stupid.”

I’m sure I speak for a lot of people, in a much nicer and less vulgar way, when I say, “You’re wrong, Mr. Yost.”

Yes, we do have some flaws in our society, but remember, do not blame the entire bushel for the rotten apple.