Welcome Week ushers in new academic year

Welcome Week is a week set for students coming back to campus to take the first few days that they have off before classes begin and enjoy events that are sponsored by various organizations on campus.

This year’s welcome week included events such as the Blacklight Bash, day of service projects, Toga Party, Minute-To-Win-It, Casino Night and the very anticipated Hypnotic Intoxication.

A lot of the Welcome Week events are heavily attended by the incoming freshmen, but most of the events are also open to the upperclassmen.

Student Activities Council Chair Victoria Lewis could not have been happier with how the activities went that were sponsored by the SAC. “Welcome Week was a huge success this year, and we had a ton of energy from the freshman class and also the upperclassmen,” said Lewis.

Along with the major events, the incoming freshman students sit through various presentations about getting involved in campus life as well as becoming the best well-rounded student that they can be. Following Welcome Week is the annual Campus Involvement Fair.

All RSCOs and organizations on campus set up a table in and outside of the student union that give the opportunity for all students on campus to walk around and see what the campus has to offer to students looking to get involved.

Freshmen use Welcome Week as a way to connect and form friendships with other students.

Freshman Taylor Rider, used the week of welcoming to defuse the intimidation that some may feel at the beginning of college. “I was honestly really intimidated coming into college, but having a schedule of really fun and great events kept my mind off of being away from home and made the transition much easier and more fun than I ever imagined,” said Rider. “I met all of my current friends through my Welcome Week activities.”

Welcome Week is always full of free events for new students and existing students on campus to take a short break and relax before the pressure of school begins.

Often times, there are constant giveaways from the various organizations that work to extend their reach to the student body.

“We love to see everyone on campus enjoying themselves and having a good time,” said Lewis.

Welcome Week is an annual happening and is open to all students as a welcome back to campus.