Personal account: my life as a freshman

After nearly a month of being welcomed as a student here at Mercyhurst by the deans and president, and joining all the clubs, I learned that I am still not fully detached from my home. It’s as if I increased the length of the invisible string attaching me to my comfortable abode. Somehow, I never really left home.

There’s a good side to that, because now I’m as far away from my teenage brother and graduated sister as I can possibly be. I won’t have to be nervous whenever my sister has her friends over, or distracted when my brother has the telly on. So I keep asking myself, why the heck do I miss them so bad? Truth is, that’s the power of love. They annoy me, but heck, I love them.

Then there’s the empty-nest syndrome. Fortunately, my parents still have my brother. But we had to schedule times when my parents and I could video chat each other. Seeing them on the screen makes me happy. If only I could decode myself so that I could teleport through the screen so I could be with them. I also receive baked goods from my mom every now and then. Thanks mom, I know you still miss me. However, please keep in mind that I am an adult. I do appreciate your gifts.

Even though I do feel homesick, at least I have friends here on campus who can comfort me. Overall, I have learned that I don’t have to suffer being homesick by myself. I have found new friends through clubs and class. I have been having a wonderful time here at Mercyhurst thanks to all of the incredible support from kind sophomores, juniors, seniors and faculty. Every day I remember all of you to keep me going.