Local driver crashes into apartment wall

Just after 2 p.m. on Tuesday, a motorist drove East 38th Street and into the 3808 Lewis Ave. apartment building, caving in the exterior wall of a basement level apartment.

The apartment has been unoccupied this term, so no students were injured. The woman driving the car was alert and conscious when she was taken by ambulance for treatment.

According to authorities at the scene Tuesday afternoon, the driver was westbound on E. 38th Street when she crossed the boulevard, crossed the eastbound lane of E. 38th Street, and then went up the curb and hit the apartment building on the corner of E. 38th Street and Lewis Avenue.

According to Deputy Erie Fire Chief Jeff Carroll, “She tried turning onto Wayne Street, when she saw oncoming traffic approaching she sped up. She drove onto the grass and into the building.”

The collision took out the window and at lease a foot of wall. The surrounding structure that didn’t caved in is and holding up at the time.