Laker Moment: Snow season is fun for students

Sami Rapp photoSami Rapp photo

It’s that time of year at Mercyhurst. The snow is back. We’ve gotten lucky so far this year, as this is the first snowfall that has stuck to the ground.

On Monday night, the snow started to fall and it came down fast. Within four hours, about two inches of snow covered everything.

Even though some students were not happy to see the snow, many others were excited to see it blanketing our school. Students were seen outside late Monday throwing snowballs, making snow angels and building snowmen.

With the snow, Mercyhurst is transformed. Everything looks more magical and the snow makes everything seem less dreary.

While the snow is beautiful, it can also be a hazard. Between the snow and ice, the roads are slippery so be careful. On Tuesday, a car crashed into a campus on lower Lewis Avenue.

Be careful, Lakers, and make sure to make the most out of the snow.