Students have mixed opinions about this year's Springfest weekend

Last weekend Student Activity Council (SAC) and Mercyhurst Student Government (MSG) hosted their annual Springfest. It is that time of the year that all students wait for in the spring term.
This year they were featuring rock bands Mayday Parade, New Politics, We Are in the Crowd and Transit. The attendance to the concert this year was not like the previous years, but some people managed to have a good time at the concert.

People that like rock music enjoyed the concert in its entirety, but those who do not have that preference of music left the concert early or not even attended the event.
Not only was the weather not in our favor, but there was also no hype leading to the event. A lot of people not only did not know about the band, but there was also a lot of ambiguity about where to get the tickets.

Maybe if the event had been advertised more, more students would have attended it. Another factor that influenced the lack of attendance and excitement for this year’s Springfest was the choice of band.
Nevertheless, Springfest is still a weekend for students to relax and enjoy a good time before having to deal with the stress and anxiety of projects and finals coming up.

One of the best part of Springfest weekend are the inflatable games on Saturday after the concert. This year, due to the rainy weather, they were unable to have them. SAC, however, gave out stuff during the concert, which is also something that people enjoy during spring fest. In between bands, the SAC staff showed up with different giveaways and items to hand out.

Usually, during this weekend you can feel the happy vibes and spirit of people, but this year it was not the same feel as it has been on previous years. Perhaps it was the genre music of the bands that were featured or the weather that turned the people down.

On the other end, not everybody had the same experience. Some people enjoyed the concert from beginning to end, most likely due to the amount of alcohol they had prior to the concert. They were singing along to some of the songs played by the bands and cheered on them as they went from song to song.

SAC tried its best to have everything under control so that everything worked out well during the concert. They closed the REC Center early to set everything up and be ready for the bands to perform with no inconveniences.

“The band was not my style, but I was still able to have a lot of fun,” said Juan Mendez, student at Mercyhurst University. Meanwhile, Carly Contraguerro said, “My friends definitely made it better.”
Maybe next time SAC and MSG will feature better bands to perform and entertain the audience.

Although most students had mixed feelings and opinions about Springfest this year, it is still the most anticipated event on campus. It is a perfect excuse to party, drink, hang out with friends and forget about the stress of finals week coming up. Still, lets hope the weather and band for next year are more promising.