Lakers football scheduled to play at Michigan's Big House

Mercyhurst’s football team is scheduled to play Slippery Rock at the famous Big House stadium in Ann Arbor, Michigan on Oct. 18, 2014.

University of Michigan began announcing the scores of Slippery Rock football games at half time during Michigan games. The announcer, who picked the school because of its unique name, started announcing the scores in the late 1970s and this tradition continues today.

Former Michigan director of athletics, Don Canham, invited Slippery Rock to play during the University of Michigan’s Band Day event on Sept. 29, 1979.
Slippery Rock has played at the Big House twice and lost both times.

Senior wide reciever Patrick Barry, hoping to hand the Rock their third loss at Michigan Stadium, is thrilled to be on the main stage.

“I’m definitely excited. Playing at Michigan will be a great opportunity for our team,” Barry said.

Over 61,000 people were in attendance at the previous Big House visit for Slippery Rock. This being Barry’s fourth year with the team he is eager to take on the pressure in front of all those fans.

“Playing at the Big House is definitely something that I have never experienced before, at least in my career. It will be exciting to play in front of all those fans, especially on the Mercyhurst side with our friends and family,” Barry said.

This will also be a new experience for freshman quarterback Ramroth Finnegan. In his first year with the team, Finnegan is honored to be a part of this Big House Battle.
“Coming in as a freshman and getting to experience this opportunity is pretty awesome. I was not expecting to walk into this.”

Finnegan also urges students to go and support their school in this once in a lifetime event.

“It would be great to see as many students there as possible and get their support because this really is a big deal.”

Students can purchase a ticket for $25. This includes a bus ride to Michigan, entrance to the MU tailgate at the Ann Arbor Golf Club and entrance to the game.
Spots on the bus are first come, first serve and seats are filling fast. To purchase your ticket and get more information, email Preston Reilly at
Mercyhurst SAC will also be hosting a watch party in the Student Union Great Room for those unable to make the trip.