Maze Runner hits theaters

The newest must-see film is out in theaters.

Despite its amazement, it lacks a strong beginning, has an unbalanced middle, and ends with a hook, leaving viewers anticipating a sequel.

The Maze Runner is about survival. Young boys are mysteriously sent into this maze with no memory other than their names.

Throughout the film, the kids have established a civilization where everyone carries out a specific job.

A select few of the fastest villagers are chosen to be runner, whose job is to find an escape from the maze.

As soon as Thomas comes into the maze, strange things start to happen which could either get them out, or lead to their demise.

The film feels like a cross between the Predator and Hunger Games.

This combined duo creates an outstanding four star film.

Although the film is an action, horror, thriller, it doesn’t successfully keep the sense of fear throughout the entire movie.

The first night in the maze, and the final five minutes of the film are the most intense scenes, leaving a large scare-free gap within the film.

The Maze Runner lacks the constant thrill to be a five star film, but still still packs a punch.

I highly recommend this film, especially for fans of the novels.

The final five minutes gives viewers the urge to see what happens next in the sequel.