Mercyhurst examines standardizing grading scale

Mercyhurst University is examining the possibility of instituting a standardized grading scale across its schools and departments.

At a recent meeting of the Academic Policies Committee, the agenda included a discussion of whether or not Mercyhurst University should standardize the grading scale across its different departments, as well as whether or not the university would pursue the minus grade to become part of the official grade scale of the school.

“During the meeting, representatives of the committee expressed their view that students are more interested in having a standard scale within departments and across schools”, said Joanne McGurk, PhD, President of the Faculty Senate.

If the policy of a standard grading scale is to be implemented, it will mean that an “A” grade will be the same, no matter the class.

Peggy Black, chair of the Academic Policies Committee informed Joanne McGurk that students had expressed their concern and that she should include the discussion in her report to the faculty Senate, which will meet Nov. 19.

Students who have heard about the discussion have expressed their thoughts. “It seems only fair that everyone should have the same grading scale,” said Jade Gelsimino, a Communications major.

“It doesn’t make sense that you can have an A on one class and B in the other having the same grade. For some people that is a big deal,” Gelsimino said.

“I think some people don’t even take classes after they look at the scale,” said Alessandra Sorto, a Political Science major. “It will encourage everybody to take classes and at the end it will improve GPAs.”

“The committee is, as of today, making no formal recommendation about a standard grading scale,” Joanne McGurk said. “The issue was discussed just once in committee.”