Furious and fed up with spoiled students

It’s been two months since Parkhurst came to Mercyhurst and I’ve had enough. Not of Parkhurst, but of the students. People have noticed they can leave comments about the cafeteria and the posted comments clearly show how spoiled some people have become.

For instance, there have been numerous complaints of the Egan closing two hours earlier. First, if you are going to complain, learn how to spell. “Eagan?” “Outragious?” This is a college cafeteria, not an elementary cafeteria.

Anyways, people are demanding they get their money back for the reduction in hours. I know, you pay $30,000 and think you are entitled to everything. If you are going to invest $30,000, maybe you should do some research.

You chose to come here. Which means you should have eaten here to see what the food was like. Had you done that, you would have found out the cafeteria used to close at 6 p.m.

When I was a freshman, if you didn’t make it to the cafeteria by 6 p.m., you ate from the vending machine, found a microwave to make Ramen or walked to Arby’s.

And there was no such thing as a to-go box.

But you pay $30,000 and can’t eat at the cafeteria and then ask for a to-go box. You also can’t ask for a to-go box at Old Country Buffet.

I know, but you did your research and came here because they said the cafeteria would be open till midnight this year. But then they changed it and you want your money back. Do you demand money back when your professor cancels class? You paid to have your professor teach you for 20 classes a term. How dare he or she only teaches you 18 classes. You should demand money back because you don’t know how to spell “Egan.”

Seriously, I don’t think we are ever going to be satisfied. People want Reese’s Puffs and Lucky Charms all the time and then someone wants less sugary cereals. It wasn’t good enough to put out hot chocolate unless they put out marshmallows. American, Swiss, Cheddar and Pepper jack cheese is not good enough. You need Provolone all the time. This is a cafeteria, not a cheese factory.

Sure, I would like to see a racquetball court, more parking and a beer fountain. However, since I decided to pay $30,000 to come here, I knew what the college had and what it would not have. When you pay $30,000 to come here, it is your responsibility to know what the campus is like and not be a whining brat, demanding the college fulfill your every want.