Networking Night offered for students, alumni

Mercyhurst will host its Fourth Annual Alumni Networking Night for students from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 26, in the Mercy Heritage Room.

The event, open to all majors and academic years, is intended to be a chance for current students to interact and make connections with former Mercyhurst students in the working world.

Thirty alumni are expected to attend, with backgrounds in business, education, hospitality management, graphic design, biology, accounting, criminal justice and more.
Companies and organizations represented at the event will range from General Electric Transportation, Northwest Savings Bank, Northwestern School District and Erie County Care Management, to name a few.

While not a time to distribute resumes, students are encouraged to dress business casual and be prepared to socialize, according to Director of Career Development Frank Rizzone.
“You have to walk up to someone you don’t know, break the ice, and start talking,” Rizzone said.

Many students may find it difficult or unnatural to walk up to a stranger and begin a conversation, and practicing that is the focus of the event, Rizzone said.
“Once you put those barriers down, links of communication happen,” Rizzone said.

While some majors will not be represented by alumni during the evening, students of all majors are still encouraged to attend, because there is always the chance that somebody knows somebody in the field in which a particular student is interested, according to Rizzone.

“Networking is one of the prime ways people find a job or an internship,” said Rizzone. “Sometimes it’s not the one you expect to open the door for you; it is usually the one that is out there.”

Students can register for the event by contacting the Career Development Center at or by calling (814) 824-2426.