SAC adapts to cancellation

Members of the Student Activities Council (SAC) had to think on their feet this past Friday, Feb. 20.

Due to classes being canceled, SAC’s plan to host their “Are You Smarter than a Professor?” event was put on hold. In one evening, the SAC had to plan, advertise and budget a new event, which became a Social Media Night.

The SAC Constitution requires that at least two events be held over the weekend.

The programmers decided that instead of having the new event in the Student Union, it would take place in each of the resident halls so students would not have to leave their dorms and encounter the chilly weather.

The event featured a Pintrest craft, Twitter blue peeps, Instagram graham crackers and a Trivia Crack trivia game.

“It was like nothing we’ve ever done,” said Jill Rybczynski, one of the organizers of the spur-of-the-moment activity. “We decided to bring the event to [the students].”

Social Media Night took place three times on Friday night at Baldwin, Warde and the Student Union. This was the first time a weekend SAC event took place in the residence halls.
“By going to the residence hall it was a risk, but it worked out,” Rybczynski said.

Between the three locations, almost 100 people participated in the event, according to Rybczynski.

While 75 to 100 hundred people at an SAC event is average, for a winter evening like Friday, a regular event held at the Union would not have been as well attended, Rybczynski said.

“It was different and we heard a lot of good things from the RAs and the people who came,” said Rybczynski. “A lot of the freshman didn’t know what SAC was so it was a good way to promote SAC and what we’re about.”