Ohmer elected MSG President

Caleb Ohmer has been elected the new Mercyhurst Student Government President for the 2015-2016 term after an election in which he ran uncontested. This year, the President and Vice President ran on an individual basis rather than have the President and Vice President campaign together. MSG voted to split the ticket before the election process began this year.

“Anyone who has been a senator with one semester under their belt is qualified to run,” Sarah Allen, faculty advisor to MSG said. Currently, 10 of the 22 MSG members are graduating seniors and do not qualify. Students who are studying aboard do not qualify.

In order to run for any executive board position, a student must submit a letter of intent to the executive board by the deadline. Allen said, “The last time it happened [president ran uncontested] was 5 years ago and the ticket was split then as well. It’s almost cyclical. Next year there will be tons of candidates.”

“He [Ohmer] has worked really hard to make MSG a priority for himself.” Ohmer has served on MSG since his freshmen year, sophomore year holding an executive board position and this year served as Vice President.

“You see it in any good business, people move up the ranks to build that leadership. Caleb came to freshmen orientation, met the MSG president and just knew he wanted to be involved,” Allen said.

Ohmer said, “Thankfully, I have surrounded myself with creative and positive people on campus, and they are what inspired me to become President.”