New Freshman MSG Senator

Steven Martz has filled the recent MSG Senate vacancy. In high school, Martz participated in a lot of clubs and as a representative for his student government. Martz said, “I’m used to the formal aspects of it [student government] and debate.”

Martz knew he wanted to be involved at Mercyhurst as well. “Senate is really involved with students and administration and from my experience when you have that connection with administration, things get done,” Martz said.

Martz has become involved with campus clubs as well including Archaeology club, Model UN and MEOW. Martz has a diverse group of students he can reach. “I want to try to work with students to get our voice out there,” he said. With only a couple months left in the semester Martz is focusing establishing this vital connection with students, MSG and administration.

Martz does have an idea for student government in the future. “A lot of students have suggested getting the vending machines to accept dining dollars,” he said.

Martz is always looking for new ideas from students and ways he can help to improve the campus. With 3 years of college ahead of him, he plans to help his fellow students in any way he can.

Martz is an archaeology major from the Pittsburgh area. He hopes to one day wok for the Smithsonian or the British Museum System. “I would like to work outside America at some point,” Martz said.