Disgusted by plastic surgery addict

Jordan ZangaroJordan Zangaro

Confidence is a tricky thing, but when you have it — you have everything. How far should you go to solidify your reassurance in yourself?

Heidi Montag Pratt, from the TV show “The Hills,” thinks the answer to that question is ‘by any means necessary.’ After being accused of being addicted to plastic surgery, she came out and confirmed that she had 10 procedures done to her face and a ridiculous breast augmentation. As Pratt sat there looking like a fem-bot, she looked disgusting and alien-like.

I am troubled when thinking about what this message is bringing to young, vulnerable girls. In an environment where celebrities rule and models have the ideal body structure, what does a completely manipulated, barely human face gawking about how the excessive amount of plastic surgery makes her feel better show the world? What are we run by and to whom do we listen?

I strongly agree with making changes to make you confident and happy. I am even a believer in plastic surgery. I just can’t imagine what young girls struggling to fulfill a ridiculous and, for the most part, unreachable goal of being a size zero are thinking when the rich, famous people are spending their money manipulating their faces and bodies to fit an unrealistic mold.

It’s a tough world, and sometimes you can be your own worst critic. Whether you are making a goal, going on a diet or striving to stick with your New Year’s resolution ignore what idiots like Heidi Montag Pratt say about how to make yourself feel happy.

Instead of longingly looking at Pratt, The Girls Next Door and the models of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show, embrace your beauty. Be confident in yourself and what you have to offer. Strive to become a better version of yourself, not a fem-bot.