September 9th, 2014

Earth Harp wows audience in PAC

William Close impresses with large instruments, good music

When the entire theater is needed for one instrument, you can expect the show to be unforgettable.

Third place finishers of “America’s Got Talent,” William Close and the Earth Harp Collective, brought a more than exciting show to the Mary D’Angelo Performing Arts Center, on Friday, Sept. 5.

Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, the noted architect, the group’s founder, William Close, creates unique instruments and then brings them to life through his musical talents.

Burger King’s Whopper Merger Isn’t a Big a Deal

Our founding father, Benjamin Franklin is quoted as saying, “In this world, nothing can be certain except death and taxes”. For Burger King apparently, the rules do not apply. Burger King Worldwide, famous for its slogan “Have it Your Way”, has had enough of the United States tax system. In an effort pay lower taxes, Burger King proposed late August, its plan to buy the Tim Horton’s Doughnut chain.

Hurst History

The School That Almost Wasn't

Mercyhurst University appears to have an air of solidity and firmness. The stones and bricks rise into the sky and command the surrounding area as if it has, and always will be, present on the landscape. It seems almost impossible for the school not to exist, but creating the institution was no easy task.

One hundred years ago, East 38th Street was a dirt track through farmland called Cooper Road. Mother Borgia Egan, along with other Sisters of Mercy stood on that street in 1922 and decided to purchase the land to build a school that would serve as a high school and college for young Catholic women.

The Sisters raised $10,000 for an expansion on a school in Titusville, but instead, made the daring business plan to build, open and run an entirely new school in a completely different city.

Jones drives new physics major

Assistant Professor of Physics, Dyan Jones, Ph. D., is the new chief of the recently established Physics Department.

After being part of the Chemistry Department for many years, the physics department has gained enough leverage to become a department of its own.

September 8th

Student Life Renovates Housing

Mercyhurst spent over $750,000 in housing renovations for the 2014-2015 academic year. Residence Life oversaw the renovations that occurred on the McAuley and Baldwin freshman halls and the Briggs and Lewis upperclassman apartments.

McAuley had it's halls repainted and also got a new TV in the main living area, although it has yet to be set up. Baldwin Hall had its kitchens redone and also had a new TV added to its main living area. Warde Hall had all of its common areas redone.

May 6th

Students have mixed opinions about this year's Springfest weekend

Last weekend Student Activity Council (SAC) and Mercyhurst Student Government (MSG) hosted their annual Springfest. It is that time of the year that all students wait for in the spring term.
This year they were featuring rock bands Mayday Parade, New Politics, We Are in the Crowd and Transit. The attendance to the concert this year was not like the previous years, but some people managed to have a good time at the concert.

Lumen unveiling, perfect way to end academic year photo: As the Literay Fest draws to an end, students and staff were excited for the unveiling of the Lumen, the student edited literary photo: As the Literay Fest draws to an end, students and staff were excited for the unveiling of the Lumen, the student edited literary magazine.

During the past few months, Mercyhurst University’s English Department has worked hard on the college’s annual Literary Festival, which ended this past week with the capstone event: the unveiling of the Lumen Literary Magazine.

The Literary Festival is an important celebration on campus that consists of multiple events. Faculty members of the English Department are the main contributors and the ones who put on the festival each year.

Most of the events are poetry readings by poets picked by Gregory Brown, Ph.D. For this year’s festival, Brown brought in poets Ann Fisher-Wirth, Mohja Kahf and author Karen Joy Fowler. The final capstone event of the festival was the unveiling of the Lumen Literary Magazine.

The magazine, although supervised and managed by Kenneth Schiff, Ph.D., of the English Department, is run entirely by students.

New Spiderman fails  photo: New Amazing Spiderman 2 movie failed to be a big hit at the box offices this past photo: New Amazing Spiderman 2 movie failed to be a big hit at the box offices this past weekend.

This past weekend Amazing SpiderMan 2 hit theaters in America, and personally I don’t know how I feel about the film.

Due to terrible advertising, director Mark Webb’s marketing team gave a false impression that makes it hard to like the finished piece.

According to the trailers, Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) and Petter Parker (Andrew Gaurfeild) appeared to be trying to keep their relationship going despite her moving to a school overseas.

'Raw Edges' impresses audiences.

Alison Ockasi photo: Raw Edges is filled with artistry and acrobatic dance numbers, focusing on the edges of movements, which wowed audiences.Alison Ockasi photo: Raw Edges is filled with artistry and acrobatic dance numbers, focusing on the edges of movements, which wowed audiences.

The ‘Raw Edges’ performance, last weekend, was innovative but did not alienate classical roots.

With beautiful performances from both current and former Mercyhurst dancers, the show was dynamic and exciting.

From the music choices to music and lighting, the performance was more than simply dancers on a stage.

The opening dance, Inscriptions, featured a spoken verse of the poem “Fox Trot Friday” by Rita Dove.

Only the lines of the poem and the movements of the dancers broke the silence. The dramatic piece drew the audience in and the following dances kept the members captivated.

Vendeville and Cratty showcase inventions

On April 23, two students from Mercyhurst, Matt Vendeville and Rebecca Cratty, took a step towards making the world a better place by presenting their ideas at the Erie Collegiate Innovation Showcase.

It was the first annual competition where two team finalists from Penn State Behrend, Gannon, Edinboro and Mercyhurst come together with their ideas for future innovations.
Vendeville, a junior Public Health and Intelligence Studies major, came up with an idea called Drop-let.

It is a filtration system that can filter large quantities of water for impoverished areas.

"Raw Edges": Dance pairs with Regional Cancer Center

A year of anniversaries, the Raw Edges dance performance is a celebration. It is the 40th anniversary of the Mercyhurst Dance Department and the 20th anniversary of Artistic Director Tauna Hunter and Production Manager/Resident Designer Michael Gleason.

For Hunter, there is an additional, personal anniversary being celebrated. “I am celebrating five years of being cancer free,” she says with a smile. This showcase was emotional and will be remembered for years to come for there is a lot to remember and celebrate.

Tuition increase to be the lowest in 24 years

Next year’s tuition will increase by 3.89% of the current base fee of $31,485.

According to Jane Kelsey, vice president for finance and treasurer, and Gary Brown, Ph.D., senior vice president and chief financial officer, the “3.89% increase over the current year is the lowest total cost increase in 24 years.” The increase for 2014-15 is continuing with the goal to maintain low cost increases.

The negative impact of the beauty products we wear on a daily basis

On a daily a basis, we wear personal beauty products without knowing what chemicals are in them. Most of the chemicals we use are harmful for our bodies. We might use them and feel like nothing is wrong with them, but in the long run, we will see the effects this chemicals are having in our bodies. Cancer and other chronic diseases may be prevented if we use more natural products instead of the generic ones.

Finals week survival guide

Maybe I’m a bit odd about this, but I’ve always thought finals week is the least stressful week of the semester (or term, prior to this year).

By the time you hit finals week, all the information you’ve retained should already be inside your skull.

It’s very unlikely that cramming for 12 hours prior to that Math/Biology/Chem/History/Intel/whatever-class-owns-your-soul-this-semester final is going to be very effective.

Men's rowing travels to Dad Vail Regatta

The Mercyhurst University men’s rowing team finished its regular season at the Mid-America Collegiate Rowing Association (MARCA) Championship in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

The championship was hosted by the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University.

Here, the Lakers raced against some of the best crews in the nation which was a good preparation race for the most important race of the season which they will be attending next.

The race was an experience for the teams as weather conditions delayed the tournament for several hours.

Men's golf advances to NCAA Regionals

The Mercyhurst University men’s golf team is advancing to the 2014 NCAA Division II Men’s Golf Championship Regionals. Only 10 teams are going from the Atlantic Region. The Lakers finished 9th to secure their spot.

This is the fourth time in the past five years that the Lakers have made it to this NCAA Atlantic Regionals.

Freshman Chris Kupniewski along with junior Cory Vinborg lead the team so far this season with an average of 77 strokes per round.

Vinborg also hit his season-low this year on April 13 where he carded a 70 during his final round of the regular season.

May 5th

White House focuses on college sexual assault

This year the Obama administration established the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault.

This program set out to mandate the strengthening of federal enforcement efforts by providing schools nationwide with tools to combat sexual assault on their campuses.
Mercyhurst Univeristy is also working towards putting an end to sexual assaults occurring on its campuses. Currently, the university is putting a tremendous effort into educating its students and staff about Title IX.

Latta elected MSG president

Mike Murphy photo: Latta will take over as MSG president for next academic yearMike Murphy photo: Latta will take over as MSG president for next academic year

As this school year comes to a close, leadership positions are being filled all over campus to prepare for the next academic year.

Electing a new executive board for Mercyhurst Student Government is no different, and this year, the student body has voted in current junior Nick Latta as its newest voice.

Currently a Resident Assistant in the Duval apartments and the former MSG vice president, Nick is no stranger to tackling large responsibilities.

Norton starts ‘Nightlif’

Looking for a place to party? A Mercyhurst student created a social networking site to help you find one.

Senior Management Information System in Web Development Major and Business Administration Minor Derek Norton, created Nightlif, a social networking site dedicated to nightlife enthusiasts.

“Last year I was thinking about two things,” said Norton. “First, if you are in a city that you are not familiar with, you have no way of knowing where to go. Also when you go to an establishment’s website, a lot of the times, the information is outdated or the site is just not very good. Some bars don’t even have website.”

The website consists of two parts: the user part and the establishment part.

May 4th

Senior Class gives back

Caitlin Dee photo: The Collaboration Zone is located on the second floor of the Hammermill Library and is dedicated to group projects.Caitlin Dee photo: The Collaboration Zone is located on the second floor of the Hammermill Library and is dedicated to group projects.

In the face of adversity, Mercyhurst University’s senior class completed this year’s senior class gift, and in the process, achieved three accomplishments never before done by a senior class.

According to Jacob Griffin, a senior Forensic Anthropology major and Fundraising and Participation Chair of the senior gift committee, students were not able to electronically donate their housing deposit to the senior gift.

Normally, students can donate all or part of their housing deposit to the committee via the Alumni website.

“We are the first class since the early 1990s to have to actually raise all of the money on our own,” Griffin said.