January 20th, 2015

Admiral Laker's Police Brief 1-20

Admiral Laker is glad to be back. He can only read Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea so many times before boredom creeps up his leg like a bout of scurvy. Luckily, Admiral Laker has four weeks of recriminations to report.

Not to live in the past, but Admiral Laker cannot forgive the transgressions of yesteryear; however, in the spirit of his New Year’s Resolution (be less salty), he will magnanimously spare the roasting of these baddies and simply list their crimes. On Dec. 10, there was a theft from a vehicle in Upper Lot Two; on Dec. 12 there was a

Coach gives advice for staying fit as a student

As January slowly schleps off of the calendars, some students may begin to come to the unfortunate realization that their resolution to get into shape this year had about the same lifespan as their childhood goldfish, Bubbles. May he rest in peace.

It is at the heart of winter in Erie, and if staying physically active as a university student was not difficult before, many students are now faced with the added trials of below freezing temperatures and multiple feet of lake effect snow encouraging them to put off that resolution for another year.

‘Sniper’ hits the mark

Most movie goers know that anything directed by Clint Eastwood is going to be an exceptional film.

His newest box office release is no exception.
“American Sniper,” tells the true story of the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history.

But there was much more to this true American hero than his skill with a rifle.
And this is the story that Eastwood tries to portray.

‘Vincent’ plays in TLT

Taylor Little Theatre is continuing their tradition of showing excellent movies on Sunday afternoons.

With the cold weather still upon us, head over and watch this week’s showing of the movie “St. Vincent.”

Bill Murray shines as Vincent McKenna, a vulgar and drunken Vietnam war veteran who lives in a dilapidated house and lives a less than moral life.

That all changes when Vincents agrees to babysit the son of his newly divorced next door neighbor, played by the hilarious Melissa McCarthy.

Eerie Horror accepting submissions

The Eerie Horror Film Festival will once again have its annual film and screenplay competition where they will accept submissions from students and amateurs from all around the world.

For the past 12 years the Eerie Horror Film Festival has provided young filmmakers and screenwriters the opportunity to showcase their talent in the genres of horror, science fiction, and suspense.

The 3-day festival will take place on October 17-19 at the Erie Warner Theater.

International students live on campus during break

Mercyhurst University enrolled the largest international class in its history this year as it welcomed 80 undergraduates from 25 different countries. This is an increase from 44 international admissions in 2012, and 53 in 2013.

As the school continues to embark on its 4-1-4 academic calendar, some international students are left on campus with little to do.

Jenbli Cox, a freshman intelligence major from Jamaica, had to stay on campus during the week of Thanksgiving break this year.

McGarry to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise awareness

Bradley McGarry, director of Asperger/Autism Initiative at Mercyhurst (AIM) will begin the jouney to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro on February 5 in an effort to raise awareness for Autism.

McGarry said he hopes this journey to the summit of Kilimanjaro, the largest free-standing mountain in the world, will “raise awareness for the lack of vocational resources for qualified adults on the Autism Spectrum.”

Freedom of speech and religion debated due to Paris attacks

Freedom of speech and freedom of religion are rights that we are all entitled to as human beings.
These two rights have been debated the last couple of weeks due to the happenings in Paris.
Charlie Hebdo, a satirical magazine in Paris, offended the Muslim community with material that was published. They published cartoons of depictions of the Prophet Muhammad.
In response to the published material, terrorists attacked the offices of the magazine, killing 12 people.

Men's basketball wins weekend PSAC games

Mercyhurst University Men’s Basketball dominated the courts their first two weeks of J-Term. The team picked up two wins at home against Mansfield University and Slippery Rock University.

The Lakers won against the Mansfield Mountaineers 82-60 on Jan. 7. Slippery Rock proved to be a challenge according to Head Coach Gary Manchel; however, Mercyhurst pulled through to win 65-58 on Jan. 10.

Men's hockey continues success

Mercyhurst swept Sacred Heart University, 7-2 and 4-2, over the weekend of Jan. 9 and 10. The Lakers are now tied with Canisius: Casey BleuelMercyhurst swept Sacred Heart University, 7-2 and 4-2, over the weekend of Jan. 9 and 10. The Lakers are now tied with Canisius: Casey Bleuel

Wrestling taking on season strong

The Mercyhurst wrestling team is tackling its season just how they left off last season. The Lakers are currently 10-1 in duals and 1-0 in the PSAC Conference.

The team had its best finish ever at the NWCA National Duals held in Fort Wayne, Ind., the weekend of Jan. 9 and 10. The Lakers went 4-1 there and remained ranked fifth in the country.

After losing their first match against Upper Iowa, the Lakers came back strong and beat their next four opponents: Newberry College (32-6), Ouachita Baptist University (21-15), Lindenwood University (31-10) and McKendree University (23-15).

Cuts handled poorly at Mercyhurst University

After the Nov. 20 elimination of 14 positions among the support and administrative staff at Mercyhurst University, there has been discussion of more cuts at the University.
This time the cuts may include the athletics and academic departments. In any case, I hope that whatever cuts happen, whether they include the elimination of personnel or not, they are handled more effectively than the cuts on Nov. 20.

Student responds to J-Term classes

J-Term, or January Term, is a 3-week period of time when students go to one class for three hours a day. In my opinion, J-Term is a great way to get back into the swing of things after a long winter break. It's nice to be able to wake up, go to class for three hours, then put all of your energies into that one class afterwards.

There is plenty of time in the day to do your homework and hang out with friends. However, some classes have a lab attached which requires an extra three hours, three days a week.

Police brutality on Ferguson affected members of the press

With all the recent violence that has taken place in Ferguson, Missouri since the shooting of Michael Brown, a good question has been brought up about how police officers carry out their job.

'Hurst and Erie Communities Celebrate MLK Day

The Mercyhurst and Erie communities celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day this past weekend with meals, a peace march and several service projects.

The MLK Center held its annual MLK Peace March on Monday, Jan. 19, in downtown Erie. Mercyhurst Service Learning provided transportation to students who wished to attend. There are typically 15 to 45 students who attend this march and the Mercyhurst service projects every year, according to Bethany Brun, coordinator of Service Learning.

Haiti Service Trip Canceled

Mercyhurst canceled the Haiti Service Learning trip Jan. 2 due to civil unrest in the country.

Domestic unrest related to public’s displeasure with the government on Dec. 17 led the trip leaders, under advice from lawyers and other experts living in the country, as well as university administration, to cancel the trip for students’ safety.

Chapel gets major facelift

Mercyhurst’s Christ the King Chapel is in the midst of a five to six month facelift to repair minor damages caused by wear and tear.

The chapel is receiving several cosmetic fixes, including a fresh coat of paint, new overhead lighting, including focal lighting for its murals, and re-stained pews. According to Monsignor David Rubino, vice president of advancement the project is “totally funded by outside donations” and will cost $407,000.

Mercyhurst cuts 14 support positions

On Nov. 20, Mercyhurst University eliminated 14 employee administration and support positions and cut six more positions from part-time to full-time.
The cuts, as part of a program to trim $2.5 million from the budget, which includes pay cuts for the top seven university administrators as well as the cessation of university payments into the employee retirement fund.

The cuts come in the light of declining enrollment and decreased revenue for the university. The position eliminations did not affect faculty positions and no academic programs were cut or reduced on Nov. 20.

January 18th

Archaeology students excavate “Vero” in Florida

Five Mercyhurst students working with the Mercyhurst Archeological Institute have been given the opportunity to work on The Old Vero Man Site, otherwise known as “Vero,” in Florida over J-Term.

The students, freshmen Steven Martz, Ele Hein, sophomore Amelia Bell, junior Clara Summa and senior Lauren Osmialowski were able to assist in excavating a site where animals and vegetation can be traced back to 22,000 years ago.

November 20th, 2014

Mercyhurst University lays off 14 in cost-cutting move

Six full-time employees reduced to part-time status; faculty untouched by layoffs

President Tom Gamble, Ph.D., announced to the university Thursday that 14 administrators and staff will be laid off from their positions here, and six more will have their positions reduced from full time to part time.

The steps are part of cost-cutting efforts for the current academic year. No faculty were laid off and no academic programs were eliminated.

The letter detailed an university-wide initiative to "realign our resources by consolidating work, eliminating positions in our university workforce and implementing other budgetary adjustments."