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What is up with Trump and Russia

Anthony Miller, Opinion editor

April 24, 2018

The Trump/Russia story is potentially the largest political scandal of the century so far. The basic gist of the scandal is that Trump and his campaign have been accused of colluding with the Russian government to win the...

Thoughts on all the renovations

Adam Williams, Contributing writer

April 24, 2018

If you have been anywhere near Mercyhurst recently, you may have noticed a bit of construction going on. That’s because Mercyhurst’s campus has been undergoing a flurry of construction and renovation since President Michael...

Letter to the editor: MSG responds to student criticism of RCR proposal

Meghan Maker, Junior Class Senator

April 24, 2018

I, with support from my fellow senators, am writing this letter in response to Emma Kindschuh’s April 18 Letter to the Editor regarding a vote held by Mercyhurst Student Government. First and foremost, I became a senator...

What should the U.S. do about Syria?

Delvin Ergott, Contributing Writer

April 18, 2018

For nearly seven years now, the debate over whether or not the West, specifically the United States, should intervene in the Syrian Civil War has persisted. Prolonged American intervention in Iraq, generally viewed as a failure,...

Use of Facebook data questioned

Caitlyn Lear, News Editor

April 18, 2018

Privacy has become an increasingly difficult thing to come by. With the invention of the internet, keeping all aspects of our lives private is almost impossible. Facebook is one of the more well known social media networks...

Letter to the Editor: MSG vote about RCR committee upsets student

Emma Kindschuh, Service and Honors RSCOs RCR representative

April 18, 2018

Our Mercyhurst Student Government senators are at a pivotal point in their careers. With upcoming elections, one would think that they would be doing everything in their best interest to create a positive image of the work...

Garvey Park’s name going away

Marina Boyle, Staff Writer

April 18, 2018

As a Merciad writer, I have seen my fair share of articles on why we need to rename Garvey Park. Even as a current freshman, I never expected to see it happen during my time here. Finally getting to write that we are giving...

Trump’s wall confuses

Elizabeth Shewan, Staff writer

April 10, 2018

It seems as if politics are more confusing and upsetting than ever. Right now, politics are divisive, increasingly personal and confusing. No political issue exists in a vacuum, but it’s easy to forget about context...

MSG forum angers

Marina Boyle, Staff writer

April 10, 2018

The MSG Spring Forum, which took place March 26, was a perfect illustration of how the administration fails to hear the voices of Mercyhurst students. The forum was the best attended that I can ever remember, which clearly...

Spring is now here!

Lauren Rogus, Staff Writer

April 10, 2018

What people think of spring and what we have now are two totally different things. However, our student government and some other organizations on campus have some fun things coming up. Springfest is on April 27, and...

Graduating senior: a reflection of MU

Jenny Sabliov, Arts & Entertainment editor

April 10, 2018

Just 32 days to graduation. The countdown is on, and almost every senior you see walking Mercyhurst’s campus is buzzing with anticipation and anxiety (and, of course, sleep deprivation). As the semester winds down, it...

Rihanna Snap ad belittles violence

Anthony Miller, Staff writer

April 3, 2018

A few weeks ago, an ad appeared on Snapchat for a game called ‘Would You Rather’ that asked viewers if they would rather slap Rihanna or punch Chris Brown. In 2009, Chris Brown pleaded guilty to assaulting Rihanna, his...

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