Hurst History

The School That Almost Wasn't

Mercyhurst University appears to have an air of solidity and firmness. The stones and bricks rise into the sky and command the surrounding area as if it has, and always will be, present on the landscape. It seems almost impossible for the school not to exist, but creating the institution was no easy task.

One hundred years ago, East 38th Street was a dirt track through farmland called Cooper Road. Mother Borgia Egan, along with other Sisters of Mercy stood on that street in 1922 and decided to purchase the land to build a school that would serve as a high school and college for young Catholic women.

The Sisters raised $10,000 for an expansion on a school in Titusville, but instead, made the daring business plan to build, open and run an entirely new school in a completely different city.

Jones drives new physics major

Assistant Professor of Physics, Dyan Jones, Ph. D., is the new chief of the recently established Physics Department.

After being part of the Chemistry Department for many years, the physics department has gained enough leverage to become a department of its own.