The end of the America we know: Obama’s not so hidden agenda


Ready for mandatory military service, disarmament and censored speech? If not, then either prepare yourself for Obama’s New World Order and socialism or start investigating what our America will become.
History classes repeat over and over again what happens when the government takes away our right to bear arms. What was the first thing Hitler, Stalin and Lenin did? Take away their citizens’ guns.
Soon after that they lost their right to free speech, if they even had it in the first place.
Without this right, there are no more protests to object to government rule and no citizen input on poor government choices.
Next, through domestic policy and government regulation, every citizen was at the mercy of the government. This made people easy to manipulate and completely dependent. The government rendered their people verbally powerless, with no guns and no way to fight back.
Obama is slowly and sneakily creating a nation of government dependent citizens to further his socialistic, anti-constitutionalist agenda. He was elected on his anti-Bush platform and all he has done is sign away his campaign promises. The America he painted in his campaign is frighteningly different than what he is trying to create on Capitol Hill right now.
Remember how he promised the war was going to be over once he was president, all the troops were coming home? Well, the War in Iraq continues and more troops are being deployed there and to Afghanistan.
Obama said on numerous occasions that “we have to have a civilian national security force.” This means mandatory military service to the government. Obama’s Chief of Staff, Rahm Emmanuel said “anyone between the ages of 18 to 25 will serve three months basic training.”
Obama has begun his anti-gun crusade even saying guns should only be in the hands of the military.
Obama renewed the Patriot Act after verbally abusing Bush for taking away our right to privacy and freedom of speech. The “Fairness Doctrine” is just another example of threats to our free speech.
He is indeed a great orator with the super human ability to deceive the American public over and over again. His only honesty was the promise of change, but what kind and at what cost?
No matter what, history clearly lays out what our future can become if we don’t stand up and stop our puppet president from taking away our rights.
Think about it, socialized medicine and healthcare leaves the choice of your health up to the government. The vaccines and care you receive is their choice and no longer yours.
Aspects of the environmentalist movement are just another way to mask the loss of our rights. A carbon tax would force us to limit traveling, pursuing our happiness and liberty. The tax would raise prices of our most basic goods like food (because as the price of oil and the taxes on it go up, so does the product price), making it harder for us to spend money on other things of our choice.
Don’t you want your right to choose how you spend your money and time? Then stop allowing them to make decisions for you.
The only silver lining is the slow awakening to Obama’s hidden agenda. To combat his strict gun regulation plan, Tennessee just passed a bill to allow concealed carry to bars and restaurants, which is a welcome step forward but only one tiny step.
As college students and citizens of this nation, we are free thinkers and should want to remain that way. Don’t be brainwashed into thinking the government knows what is best for you.  
All of the things mentioned are happening and your president has said them; look them up if you don’t believe me. Unfortunately these things are only the tip of the iceberg and while Obama won’t be able to take away our guns tomorrow, it’s a slow conditioning process to get us ready for his New World Order.
Our nation’s sovereignty, freedom, liberty and rights are in jeopardy. Democrat, Republican, conservative or liberal, it doesn’t matter. We should all be working together to protect our rights that are fading away because of government instilled fear.

You better buy a gun and say what you want before you are serving your three months and it’s too late.

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It never ceases to amaze me just how "out there" people can get, regardless of political affiliation... come back to Earth.

Next time, spend a little more energy into discussing relevant topics with meaningful data.

While these types of stories have been around for ages, and surely there are media outlets (print, online, TV, radio) where such nonsense is marketed successfully, it does not excuse the writer from investing some integrity in their work.

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I found the following problems with your article:

First four paragraphs: A pointless introduction filled with fear rhetoric.

Paragraph 5: This is anti-Obama rhetoric that offers no indication that legitimate sources were used. Angry extremist blogs do not count as legitimate sources.

Paragraph 6: If you knew anything about military operations, you would understand that the kind of immediate withdrawal of troops that you are implying here is not only illogical but it was never promised by Obama during the campaign. He always argued for a gradual withdrawal, which makes considerably more sense. Moving the war to Afghanistan is an unfortunate but necessary step in U.S. national security. You might want to check some of the publications that provide analysis on this argument, which have been written by experts in the field of national security. You can start with the Brookings Institution and the Council on Foreign Relations.

Paragraph 7: 1. The term “civilian national security force” in no way implies mandatory military service. Your logic here is simply not sound. 2. I Googled the Rahm Emmanuel quote. The concerns here (no where discussed by any kind of legitimate website) stem from a bill called H.R. 1388. I read the bill. There is no mandatory service mentioned. The bill calls for an expansion and additional funding of programs like the Peace Corps. agrees here: and here

Paragraph 8: Wrong. Obama has never supported banning all guns. He supports reinstating a ban already in place on assault weapons, but has not called for expanding any bans.

Paragraph 9: Obama has made it clear he opposes the Fairness Doctrine. There is no evidence supporting this claim.

Paragraph 12: Wrong, wrong, wrong. Providing health care to everyone is not the same as forcing people to limit their choices. Once again your logic is unsound and you have no facts to back up your claim.

Paragraph 13: This is especially stupid. We are experiencing a slowly evolving energy crisis that is going to require that American make sacrifices. Driving Hummers and squandering our energy resources are not our rights. Spoiled Americans think they are entitled to live a lifestyle that is not sustainable. No one’s rights are being taken away by limiting our energy usage.

Paragraph 16: As college students and citizens of this nation we should not only be free thinkers but informed thinkers. The sources that you use to inform the opinions you express in this article are doing a great job of brainwashing you. They are fabricated rumors spread by Obama’s opponents who are desperate to destroy him, no matter how crazy it sounds.

Paragraph 17: I did look them up. You clearly do not know how to check your facts.

Paragraph 18: Incorrect grammar here.

Paragraph 19: And here.

I am saddened that you did not allow Mercyhurst to educate you to know the difference between credible, factual sources and hype found on the internet. Most of your claims were easily debunked on FactCheck,org, where it was determined that many of them originated as rumors and propaganda. Just because an extremist blogger claims that Obama said or did something, doesn’t mean he actually did. You need to find better sources if you want your opinions to be taken seriously.