Relay for Life: An Under Promoted Laudable Cause

Did you notice the purple ribbons all around campus? They were in recognition of the Relay for Life that Mercyhurst held this past Saturday, April 25, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Other than the ribbons that were placed everywhere on campus, there was a lack of formal publicity for the Relay. Even though there was a lack of publicity, the campus still managed to raise a large amount of money, over $15,000. But what if every student on campus knew about the event and donated five dollars? That amount could have doubled.

Student looks back at Gamble’s presidency at Mercyhurst

I have been trying to figure out how to write this for the past week, and I am still not sure I have got it right.

There’s a section of me which wants to skewer Dr. Gamble as the killer of Mercyhurst (one possible opening line I had fiddled with made reference to the ways a Soviet dissident named Solzhenitsyn who spoke of Stalin), but then the more rational and balanced part of me admits that to do so would be unbalanced and unprofessional.

Student dislikes Mercyhurst core

I’m not a fan of the core curriculum at Mercyhurst. I feel that it takes away from many other opportunities such as study abroad.
By the time I am a senior, I will have all of my major classes done. I would love to study abroad; however, because of the core, I will not be able to do that without taking more than four years. Making someone go more than four years because they missed a few core classes is silly.

Women made it to the Army Ranger School

On Monday, April 20, 19 women made history when they took part in the Army Ranger School Physical Fitness Test. “The assessment is part of a wider effort to determine whether and how to open combat arms jobs to women, and it is a first for Ranger School, which until now was open only to men,” according to the Army Times.

Has the Internet gone too far?

The famous E! Entertainment Television reality family stars, the Kardashians and Jenners, have influenced the looks and appearances of young ladies both across the country and internationally.
Younger generations have grown up looking up to them and wishing that they get to be and look like the stars.
Kendall Jenner was just 12 years old and Kylie was 10 years old when they first appeared on the reality show, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

Poor sidewalk design on campus annoys students

I never thought I would miss right angles so badly until I began to navigate my way through Mercyhurst by way of sidewalk.
The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. I remember hearing these words in my sophomore year geometry class back in high school, staring at triangles and praying for the agony to end. Walking from building to building on campus, I am reminded of the obtuse and acute torture.
There does not seem to be a single bit of sidewalk that runs in a straight line.

Social media has changed the concept of communication

Social media has become a powerful tool of marketing in recent years. More companies are joining social media platforms every day and are expanding their strategies to best reach their target audiences.
One of the things that surprise not only me, but many others, is the increasing amount of older adults that are joining social media sites. Now, marketers can focus their media content not only for the millennial generation through social media, but also the baby-boomer generation, now that they have now joined social media.

Online housing contracts: step forward or backward?

Mercyhurst, like most universities, is moving toward the technological age. With modernization comes reliance on technology.
One of these technological advances on our campus is electronic housing contracts instead of a hard copy that you physically sign. The question is whether this change necessary?
The newest debate considers whether or not online contracts benefit the student body.
According to Mercyhurst’s webpage, there are more than 3,000 students enrolled at the university.

One Direction fans become upset after Malik's leave

“Does it ever drive you crazy, just how fast the night changes?” Well, for One Direction fans across the world, it does.
One Direction was in the midst of their “On the Road Again” tour when after their show in Hong Kong on March 18, member Zayn Malik released a statement he was taking a break from the tour, but was planning on returning in two weeks.
Speculation of Malik’s reason came after rumors began to circulate that he was cheating on his current fiancé, Perrie Edwards. There were also rumors of the star having a drug habit.

Swift move: Taylor keeps name ‘Clean’ by buying porn domains

This week, newspapers reported that Taylor Swift’s team has purchased the domains of two internet sites which would have associated TSwift’s name with pornography.
The domains purchased were taylorswift.porn and taylorswift.adult, and more purchases are likely to follow.
Ashton Kutcher made a similar move to prevent his, and his daughter’s name from being associated with smut.
I do not typically praise Hollywood celebrities, but I like the proactive nature of these two.