Response to Islamic State once again betrays America's Hubris

This past week, it was announced that the United States government would begin airstrikes, against the Islamic State. In addition to these airstrikes, more US ground forces would be deployed to “advise” the Iraqi military and “moderate” Syrian rebels (What other conflict started off with only American advisors being sent?).

These “moderate” rebels will also be receiving weapons from the United States. These actions, government officials tell us, are of course being undertaken to uphold truth, justice and the American way.

Grand Canyon exemplifies need to conserve national parks, ecosystems

Environmental Column

The older I become, the more land I have witnessed being destroyed in the name of industry – especially commercial building. Over half of the undeveloped areas in my hometown are scenery, with not really enough land to develop into anything substantial. However, developers tear it up in hopes of building something commercial.

Mercyhurst raised the bar on US News Report

While I’m sure all of our students would say Mercyhurst is the best, US News also ranks our school highly in several categories. President Gamble says that “at the end of the day what matters most is that our students have an outstanding educational experience.” The efforts of our professors and staff are clearly paying off, as our school was ranked tenth of 41 schools in our area, and 56th in "Best Regional Universities in the North."

Urban Outfitters' Kent State University Sweatshirt Controversy

On May 4, 1970, four students were shot and killed at Kent State University during an anti-Vietnam War protest; nine others were wounded after the Ohio National Guard fired into the crowd of students. There are multiple versions of the story from both sides, but the event still remains as a scar on the memory of the US, apparent even after 40 years, which is why Urban Outfitters latest article of clothing is sparking quite the controversy.

Police and Safety carrying firearms: safety or threat?

Firearms for Police and Safety are not a priority

Police and Safety are going to be armed in 2015. Students who were surveyed about this last year supported the move. The faculty was less convinced. While many people do think arming campus police is a good decision, I do not think they need to be armed.

Police and Safety carrying firearms: safety or threat?

It was about time to arm Police and Safety

Come spring semester, Police and Safety officers will begin to carry firearms. This is not something students or parents need to worry about; it actually might be a good thing.

False fire alarms on campus due to overcooked popcorn

With the university starting less than a month ago, the Erie Fire Department has already been dispatched to campus twice. These visits occurred within 36 hours of each other. Luckily, there were no real fires, but nearly 300 students were inconvenienced each time.

Midafternoon on Sunday, Sept. 8, the fire alarm went off on the fourth floor of Warde Hall. The cause: a bag full of burnt microwave popcorn. The entire dorm was evacuated for nearly 30 minutes.

Ray Rice turns attention to NFL

Recent revelations in the drawn-out story of NFL running back Ray Rice have shed light on a problem that goes beyond the individual incident.
The video of Ray Rice pulling his unconscious wife from a hotel elevator in February sparked national controversy and brought up a torrent of dialogue about violence against women.

Comedy icon Joan Rivers left a controversial but historic legacy

Joan Rivers was the kind of person that you either loved or hated. From her arrival in the comedy scene, to her experiments with “body sculpting” and even her controversial death, Joan Rivers gave us a lot to talk about.

Nothing was off-limits for Rivers. She spoke out about Palestine and shamed other celebrities and whatever she said left trail of laughter, tears, and of course, a media circus.

With a face that resembled a clown, it is hard to remember Rivers as belonging to anything other than the Ringling Brothers. Joan Rivers certainly was a spectacle.

US Border becomes a burden for families

Living in Honduras, I have met a lot of people who decide to come illegally into the U.S. As many people here know, many immigrants are looking for family members, escaping violence, or looking to find better economic opportunities. Regardless of what anyone says, coming into the United States has been the solution for all these problems and so far it has proven to be successful.