The 2015 Oscars raised mixed emotions during the night

The 2015 Academy Awards took place this past Sunday, Feb. 22. The film industry anxiously awaits this night as they get recognition for their hard and outstanding job.

Neil Patrick Harris, who entertained the audience with his genuine comedy, hosted this year’s event.

Some people disliked the fact that he appeared in his underwear toward the end of the show, and others just considered it as part of his humorous personality.

This year’s awards brought up some emotional moments. One of them was when Common and John Legend sang Glory, a track for the film “Selma.”

Residents at Warde Hall undergo technical issues

Maintenance has had their hands full with this year’s winter weather. There is snow and water damage all over campus that now has to be repaired. However, the work orders for non-snow-related issues should not be overlooked.
Ever since our return from Winter break, Laker Vapor has been struggling to do its job to satisfy student Internet needs. The signal strength all in over Warde Hall seems to be getting worse. Many residents, including myself from the fourth floor, have better access in the bathroom than on the bedroom.

Are people giving something up for Lent or are they giving up on Lent?

Lent is a time of reflection and spiritual preparation, but some may only know the season for Mardi Gras or the smudges on people’s heads from Ash Wednesday.
Everyone finds themselves in a new place, different from last Lent. To many, Lent means 40 days to try something new.
It means 40 days to focus on something other than yourself. When I was little, my mom used to ask me to give something up, and let me tell you how difficult it was to not eat chocolate chip cookies for 40 days.

Debiting from efficiency: new refund system hurts students

Money is something on every college student’s mind; loans are often something they wish to never think about, but are, unfortunately, a malfunctioning reality.
An added stress factor is the refund check process at Mercyhurst, which lately seems to be malfunctioning.
The Office of Student Financial Services did not respond to requests for comment, leaving us to hash out what we know: Bills were due by Jan. 5.

Mardi Gras: More than just beads, food and drinks

Mardi Gras was celebrated this past Tuesday, Feb. 17. This is a significant event in many parts of the United States where there is a significant French influence, like in New Orleans.
There is a plethora of events happening during this celebration, which include parades, parties and food.
Traditionally, Mardi Gras originated as a religious ritual in which people would feast and eat everything they wanted before the Lenten fast began on Ash Wednesday. That is why the event is called Mardi Gras, French for Fat Tuesday.

President’s replacement must focus on innovation

Another sinking ship. Into the deep abyss. No, these are not alternate titles to the blockbuster film Titanic, nor are they descriptions of the ill-fated Italian cruise liner, Costa Concordia.
Rather, it is the condition of Mercyhurst University. In mid-October, when President Gamble announced his resignation from office, the Mercyhurst community was taken aback to say the least.
However valid his reason, for leaving the question still remains: after such a tenure why the leave now?

Valentine’s Day: Love or marketing?

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, people everywhere have probably decided already on the right present to give to their significant other.

Stores have stocked up on teddy bears, chocolate, and several other amorous motifs, ready to help out desperate lovers.
While it is assumed we understand what Valentine’s Day is all about, the truth is Valentine’s Day bears a deeper, more sentimental meaning.

People also refer to Valentine’s Day as the day of romance. However, Valentine’s Day is much more than romantic love.

Ineffective snow removal should yield policy change

Anyone who has ever spent an extended period of time here in Erie knows that it snows for what feels like an eternity.
So why is removing the snow a problem every year when we know it’s coming?

There is an obvious feeling of frustration and disenchantment with the condition of sidewalks and parking lots.

Surprisingly, West Briggs, 38th Street, parking lot 4 and the bookstore parking lot are all contracted to an outside firm. East Briggs to Lewis, including the 41st Street townhouses are contracted to another firm.

Super Bowl commercials target hearts, have less laughs this year

Once charted as the second most popular video in the United States, a Nationwide insurance commercial certainly has people talking. Dubbed #Makeitsafe Nationwide’s 47-second marketing nightmare is estimated to have cost over 4.5 million for permission to show during Super Bowl.

Nationwide is best known for its heartwarming and emotional commercials, depicting testimonials from victims of theft, natural disasters and fraud. They always end with the catchy jingle, “Nationwide is on your side.”

Student offers a survival kit for spring semester

Spring semester is here. For most of us, that means no more sleeping until noon, and no more home-cooked meals. Now that you are back at school, here are a few tips and tricks to get through this semester in one piece.