Student opposes firearms for Police & Safety

Police and Safety feels that they need firearms to protect students and to keep this campus safe. I couldn’t possibly disagree more, and I’m a huge supporter of the 2nd Amendment. What sparked this whole discussion? Was it because of the suicide that took place on campus earlier this year? Many argue that the whole incident could have turned out much worse than it did, but guess what? It didn’t.

Student favors firearms for Police & Safety

Police and Safety officers can be armed, but that won’t guarantee students’ safety. When the Board of Trustees meets on May 31, it shall be no surprise to the students if they decide to let Police and Safety carry firearms. Mercyhurst will be one of the many other American universities following this trend. After the shootings at Virginia Tech, Northern Illinois University and Sandy Hook Elementary School, schools and universities across the country have taken measures to prevent such tragedies from ever happening again.

Closing of Cellblock is a blessing in disguise

A lot of the club-goers/partiers/anyone who has ears has probably heard the notorious club Cellblock has closed its doors. If you had not previously heard this, then consider yourself notified. Upon first hearing this news, there was outpouring of grief from some, such as one might expect from the death of a distant cousin or other family member. I imagine that there was at least one person who thought to go down to the club’s old doors and pour out a votive offering of FourLoko or Jagermeister to the fallen soul of this institution.

Housing facilities on campus in desperate need of renovations

Housing at Mercyhurst has always been a topic of debate. Some are fine with it, others hate it and others just do not care at all. My experience living on campus has not been bad, but it has not been the best either. I have lived in both Briggs and Lewis apartments and for both of them I have had issues. Maintenance has fixed some of these issues, but others are just not about maintenance fixing them. They require an entire renovation to the apartment itself.

Republican Party needs to change to attract the votes of our generation

Even though it is still nearly three years away, speculation is already rampant among the media as to who shall be running for president in 2016.

It seems that one the Democrat side Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden are usually believed to be running. The Republican side is much more wide open with a myriad of people possibly running, but what seems to me to the three most commonly mentioned names are Rand Paul, Chris Christie and Jeb Bush.

Conversation clarifies writer's opinion of award recipient

As with most things in life, exposure is always something which helps clarify and modify beliefs or opinions about matters. This is most certainly true with people as well. And I must admit that I was a little hasty or possibly a little harsh on my first article about Sister Simone Campbell.

Freshmen: Park at your own risk

For a school that seems very concerned with maintaining a safe campus, Mercyhurst University has created a dangerous situation for freshman drivers. Due to the lack of parking space, freshmen are not allowed to have their vehicles on campus. There are exceptions for freshmen who must have a car because of work or other off-campus commitments.

MSG never fails to surprise with its choice for Springfest performer

Mercyhurst Student Government recently announced the performers for spring break. Opening the show they will have Transit and We are The In Crowd. They will be opening for New Politics and Mayday Parade.

MSG and SAC always manage to surprise the students with great performers and not necessarily in a good way. For the past two years with performers like Sean Kingston and The White Panda, this year expectations were high. Unfortunately, not many people know about the performers and attendance to the most awaited event on campus.

The situation in Ukraine needs to be examined from different perspectives

This article will have two different sources of opinion because the situation in Ukraine requires a couple of different perspectives. The first one will be my own, which treats the situation as a geopolitical situation. It is an occurrence that is going on hundreds of miles away in a country to which I have no ties. I read the news and ponder how the US may react, if it reacts at all.

Marijuana prohibition shouldn’t be controlled by the feds

Last week the Mercyhurst Center for Applied Politics completed a public opinion poll about how Pennsylvania voters feel about marijuana legalization. The results can be found on the Mercyhurst website under Political Science.Since my freshman year, I have had the privilege of working at MCAP and always find it very exciting to have the results of the poll that we all worked so hard on revealed. I find it ridiculous, however, that we even have to conduct such a poll in the first place.