Are troops worthy of the support they receive from US citizens?

With the recent passing of Veterans Day social media, TV shows, commercials and Google Doodles were singing the praises of the brave men and women who defend America.
Reading or listening to some of the praises heaped upon them, one would think that America would long ago have been overrun by barbaric hordes intent on enslaving and pillaging the entire country.
Yet, such statements betray a lack of critical thinking on the part of those from whose lips such profuse praise pours forth.

Pesticides and preservatives affect more than we thought

The initial introduction of pesticides and preservatives into foods and crops was not highly debated or tested. However, as time went on, the use of both types of chemicals increased.
According to takingcharge.org, since the heaviest use of pesticides began in 1950 and the heaviest use of preservatives began in around 2000, the large-scale and possibly irreversible risks to people and the environment have become more clear.

Registration a nightmare for some students

Registration time is chaotic enough, but it seems nearly every Mercyhurst student had to jump through hoops to register for spring and J-term.
First of all, the times listed for each student are not entirely correct.
A student cannot register until two minutes after the listed time. Some students were given registration times while they were in class, or very soon after.

'Alex from Target' took viral to a whole new level

On Nov, 2. “YOOOOOOOOOO” was the only caption to the picture meme phenomena that blew up recently on Twitter.
Twitter user “rims” with the username @auscalum took a picture of her cashier as he was bagging her purchase from Target.
One can assume that from the caption and the picture, rims took the picture and posted it because Alex was attractive, possibly even because he looked like Justin Beiber, and she felt she needed to share this with the world.
The tweet has received thousands of retweets and favorites.

Blackout on Halloween gave the holiday a different feel

Halloween got a little spookier when the power went out on campus. The cause was a transmission substation fire that left over 15,000 people in Erie without power.
An employee on site said that the transmission was new and when they put it into service it failed.
The biggest issue with power outages on college campuses occurs when the outage takes place during the day when food is unable to be prepared or when heat cannot function during winter storms.
This blackout did not present any immediate danger to Mercyhurst students, nor did it last long enough to have any serious effects.

Elections are not embraced by all

Last Tuesday was Election Day. It is hard to miss it what with all the celebrities blathering on about voting or dying and rocking the vote, not to mention the “I Voted” stickers people wear.
For politics nerds such as myself, election days are usually full of speculation and even more exciting than usual C-Span coverage.
Election Day is one of the few days of the year where the average person pays attention to politics.
Yet among all of this hubbub and excitement, I did not vote. I am certainly an ideal voter since I am politically-aware and informed more so than the general public.

Medicine can have negative effects on environment, humans

Amidst the controversy of green science, the progressive ideal was born. It found that the legitimacy of science-based policy has grown steadily stronger since the 1920s and 1930s. Symbolic literacy added to the progressive ideal.
In essence, it stated that perceived authority or credibility serves as a source of knowledge. However, such knowledge and growth also leads to further controversy as well as a paradox – the paradox of conservation.

Apple Pay release results in nationwide controversy

This week a dispute between retailers and tech companies around the country has been all over the news.
In late October, Apple released a service called Apple Pay, which utilizes NFC technology within new Apple products so a customer can pay a retailer with the phone.
NFC, or near-field communication, and functions much like a WiFi router does, only on a different wavelength that is much less powerful, and for a good reason.

'Buckle Up' campaign raises safety awareness

With the recent vehicle related accidents that have been happening on campus and its surroundings.
The Public Health major’s “Buckle Up” campaign could not have come in a better time.
Students and faculty are encouraged to take part in this campaign.
This campaign invites students on campus and faculty to be safe when they are driving. Signs have been posted all around campus and on the sidewalks to increase awareness of the importance of saving your life by buckling up when driving.

‘Nabuma Rubberband’ falls flat compared to other albums

New album fell flat of others.: undergroundhiphop.com photoNew album fell flat of others.: undergroundhiphop.com photo