Letter to the Editor: Dropping the ball on health care coverage

I was thoroughly shocked and disappointed when I picked up last week’s issue of the Merciad.

Sunday, March 21, marked a day that will have an impact on the economic and political climate of this country for years, if not indefinitely. However, there was but a mere single opinion article buried on Page 6 on the topic.

The front page justifiably featured two monumental stories which affect the college and its students. The intelligence department was featured in a half-page article on Page 3, and a preview of the Guelcher Film received more than a half page. The Springfest band online poll was granted more exposure than health care, sadly. A&E articles made up a whopping 25% of the Merciad this week, while one of the biggest political stories of the year, perhaps our lifetime, was limited to one opinion article.

I could have bet any extraordinary amount of money on Devin Ruic writing about the health care reform bill passing, and thankfully he did. For the Merciad to not acknowledge the issue outside of the opinion section is preposterous. This bill has an impact on every American, everywhere, and needs to be discussed.

“Mercyworld” may be a self-contained microcosm of the US, but one of our core values is Global Responsibility. How is it Globally Responsible to refrain from reporting on American health care reform? The Merciad did not live up to its expectations as a college newspaper. Thank you, Mr. Ruic, for actually caring enough about this country to say ANYTHING about the issue.