Students find jobs with CareerConnect

“How would you feel if you missed out on a great internship or job simply because you ignored a simple e-mail message?”

Students received an e-mail last week that began with this question from Associate Director of Mercyhurst College Career Development Center Frank Rizzone.

This e-mail informed students that the Career Development Center (CDC) launched their new Web site CareerConnect.

CareerConnect is a way for students to interact with the CDC 24/7, according to Executive Director of Mercyhurst College Career Development Center Dr. Kyle Foust.

Career Development Counselor Kristy Ciccarelli said that this Web site is a “one stop shop” where students can conduct job searches, upload resumes and be recruited for jobs.

Senior Alex Falatovich has used the site to search for jobs.

“One thing I am concerned about is how useful it will actually be at finding potential jobs as the search engine for job postings appears somewhat limited,” Falatovich said. “If it isn’t more comprehensive, it won’t work as it’s just as easy to use LinkedIn, Monster or some other site. Overall, it’s a positive step forward and has potential.”

The CDC is constantly finding new ways to make CareerConnect better for students.

“It’s like a Christmas tree, and every morning we get a new gift,” Foust said.

The driving force behind CareerConnect is for students to have a better way of being notified about internships, Foust said.

This service is not just for upperclassmen. Freshmen and alumni can even access all the site has to offer, Ciccarelli said.

The site includes videos about topics such as dressing for success and how to prepare for career fairs.

In the month CareerConnect has been live, over 320 students have activated their accounts. Senior Toni Novello is one such student.

“I love that as a student I can search for an internship or job opportunity in different cities and states within my discipline,” Novello said.

To activate a CareerConnect account, log into From there, students can edit their profile, upload their resume and begin their job search.